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Media in the Cloud: Ontology Guide

Women in Technology: Current Status and Future

Original Airdate: 
27 Feb 2019 3:00pm EST

In the last few years, many trade shows, industrial and scientific events worldwide have incorporated a WiT session.
In this webcast we'll focus on addressing these key issues:

  • Why WiT activities are becoming more important in the high tech industry;
  • How does the display industry do in terms of diversity;
  • What is next for the display industry and how can women contribute to its success.

We will also briefly introduce our SID Display Week 2019 panelists and the theme of the panel.

SID Webcasts are presented by the Society of Information Display and are FREE and open to all!

Guest Speaker: 
Tara Akhavan

Tara Akhavan is a technology entrepreneur. She is the founder and CTO of IRYStec a Series-A Montreal based start-up in the display industry. She has raised and has helped with raising over $9M in angel and VC funding. Prior to founding IRYStec, she holds an award for scaling an Operations and Maintenance Center (OMC) product in the telecommunications industry, all the way from analysis and design to deployment in a 3GPP mobile network with 20 million subscribers. Tara obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence and a Ph.D. in Image Processing and Computer Vision from Vienna University of Technology. Tara is an active member and the Marketing Vice-Chair for the Society of Information Display (SID).