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Multi-Platform, Multi-Display Content: Moving from Onerous to Manageable

Speaker: Bruce Devlin, CTO, Amberfin

Original Airdate: 30 August 2012

Webcast Series: File-Based Workflows

Related Resources in the Library: Multi-Platform

Content producers tell stories about creating hundreds and even tens of thousands of versions of content to accommodate the various platforms and display devices scattered across the media consumption landscape. During this SMPTE PDA Now educational webcast, Bruce Devlin, Amberfin’s CTO, discusses why we need a better process.



Archive eXchange Format: Interchange & Interoperability

Speakers: Brian Campanotti, CTO, Front Porch Digital; S. Merrill Weiss, President, Merrill Weiss Group LLC

Original Airdate: 26 July 2012

Webcast Series: Storage

Related Resources in the Library: AXF

There has been an explosion of digital media production in recent years, as you know. As the digital media production increases so, too, does the need to store and preserve it. One of the challenges with content storage lies in the vast number of systems that exist today, many of which are not based on interoperable technologies. Our speakers will further explain why this has been such a challenge, how we got where we are and how the AXF standard effort from SMPTE, currently in the works, will help resolve many of them.


Laser Illumination Systems for Digital Cinema: What They Are and How Do They Work?

Speaker: Bill Beck, Founder | EVP Business Development - Laser Light Engines, Inc.

Original Airdate: 28 June 2012

Webcast Series: Digital Cinema

Related Resources in the Library: Laser Illumination

You may have heard about laser projectors as the breakthrough digital cinema projection technology, but do you know what makes them tick? During this SMPTE PDA Now webcast, our guest speaker, Bill Beck, explains how these bleeding edge illumination systems work. 

Speaker: Karyn Reid Bliss, StorerTV, Inc. 
Original Airdate: 14 June 2012
Webcast Series: File-Based Workflows
Related Resources in the Library: Broadcast Automation
Engineering and operations staff members see the end result of a process that starts months before with input from multiple systems and departments. So what are the systems and processes that go into creating an automation playlist, whether file based or real-time BXF transactions? Join guest speaker  Karyn Reid Bliss, StorerTV, Inc., to find out.

Digital Content - Challenges of Long Term Storage

Speaker: Mary G. Baker, HP Labs Palo Alto

Original Airdate: 10 May 2012

Webcast Series: Storage

Related Resources in the Library: Long Term Storage

With the motion imaging industry producing digital content with higher resolutions and higher frame rates, not to mention the additional content required for 3D movies, storage is becoming more and more challenging.  Please join our special guest speaker, Mary G. Baker, HP Labs, as she explains the wide variety of threats to long-term storage of digital content and how they might be overcome.

Speaker: Tom Coughlin, Coughlin Associates
Original Airdate: 8 January 2012
Webcast Series: Storage
Related Resources in the Library: Digital Content Storage
Large rich media projects are getting ever bigger and raw content of multiple petabytes is becoming more common.  Managing and protecting this content is a challenge and it is often a question whether backed up data can be recovered if the original copy is lost.  Our presenter will explore developments in storage devices and systems used in modern digital workflows. 

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