Webcasts: Essential Technology Concepts

This exciting SMPTE webcast series is designed to cover the foundational concepts, technologies, and workflows associated with the creation of professional media content. Covering topics such as human perception, imaging physics, fundamentals of color science, sound systems, and more this webcast series is the perfect learning opportunity for individuals in the early stages of their careers. The series is also beneficial for that are mid-career and are looking to refresh their knowledge of the essentials of the technologies that they may work with. The full series of webcasts will assist participants by providing convenient opportunities to learn about the technologies that are important to professional media creation and in a global, interactive setting that is convenient and unique. Essential Technology Concepts Webcasts are offered to SMPTE members and non-members as a complimentary service to support the advancement of the M&E industry.

Free for members and non-members.

Networking Fundamentals for ST 2110 and Internet Streaming

Original Airdate: 
12 Dec 2019

Networking is increasingly important throughout the broadcast chain. This webcast picks out the fundamentals that underpin SMPTE ST 2110 and that help deliver video streaming services. We’ll piece them together and explain how they work, leaving you with more confidence in talking about and working with technologies such as multicast video and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Production Formats - Essence, Containers & Packages

Original Airdate: 
29 Aug 2019

No matter where one works within today’s digital production workflows, there are three fundamental components that one will nearly always encounter: Essence, Containers and Packages. Packages are containers of Containers, and Containers hold the Essence—the raw, digital representation of the content itself. Although there are dozens (if not hundreds) of different types of each that one may encounter, there are common principles that govern the role of each. A strong understanding of those roles and the principles that guide them allows one to work more efficiently and effectively...

HDR, 4K, and Beyond

Original Airdate: 
08 Aug 2019

Every piece of content has some new tag, for HD, UHD, HDR, SDR, WCG, and sometimes it's hard to keep the alphabet soup straight, especially when it comes to workflow. Whether you're a post house engineer or a studio executive, having a sound technical understanding of these technologies helps your business and your customers. In this webcast, we'll go over current and future ecosystems for UHD, HDR, and WCG from scene to screen, with a focus on impacts on post-production workflows and artistic palette.

How speakers and sound systems work: Fundamentals, plus Broadcast and Cinema Implementations

Original Airdate: 
13 Jun 2019

Modern sound systems appear to have similar parts, but they are put together in unique ways for a particular end result. In addition, specific issues and considerations must be addressed for each application. Please join special guest speaker Ken Hunold, Sr. Broadcast Services Manager, Customer Engineering at Dolby Laboratories, as he explains the fundamental principles behind commonly used sound systems, popular speaker types, and how they are chosen and arranged for each application.

PTP Timing – Everything you need to know

Original Airdate: 
30 May 2019

Next-generation IP infrastructure deployments have benefitted enormously from the inherent flexibility of IP networking technology. In addition to greater flexibility in the routing of video, audio, and data essence streams, the transition to IP has enabled the transformation of facility timing infrastructures with the industry adoption of Precision Timing Protocol (PTP). This webinar will delve into the key aspects of PTP, including an in-depth examination of the benefits of PTP, system design, configuration, operational considerations, and monitoring. In addition, specific details of the...

Electronic Camera and Display Fundamentals - From Light to Code Values and from Code Values to Light!

Original Airdate: 
18 Apr 2019

In this webcast, we will discuss the basic technical concepts that describe how electronic cameras and electronic displays work. We will describe the journey light takes from a scene to the electronic sensor inside a camera and all the way back out to light on an electronic display. Have you ever wondered how does light gets converted into an electronic signal? What is a pixel code value really? What does that pixel code value represent and how is it converted back to light on a display? What do the acronyms CCD, CMOS, LCD, DLP, OLED mean?! If you have, make sure to join us for this...

Color Science Fundamentals in Motion Imaging

Original Airdate: 
14 Mar 2019

This webcast will focus on the fundamentals of color science as it relates to the motion picture and television industry. We will cover the fundamentals of display colorimetry, color spaces, and encoding spaces. We will explore how we can take advantage our visual system for improved visual quality. Lastly, we will cover the practical application of color science (where and how its used on a daily basis).

Human Perception Fundamentals: Color, Contrast, and Motion

Original Airdate: 
07 Feb 2019

Motion imaging engineers are constantly balancing technology evolution in color gamut, dynamic range and frame rate with perceptibility in the human visual system. The quality of the visual experience can only improve if we can see the resultant innovation. This webinar will serve as an introduction to perceptual phenomena at the most basic levels, permitting the attendee to gain some confidence with introductory vision science, color science, and psychophysics as they are practiced in motion imaging fields.