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The SMPTE Executive Strategy Webcast series is designed exclusively for our Executive Members. The Executive Strategy Briefing Webcasts are invitation-only webcasts where Executive Members discuss technologies and strategies of concern to the industry-at-large with their peers. Participate in the conversation with the executives responsible for engineering strategy at the industry's most notable companies. Become a SMPTE Executive Member

Executive Webcast: What are the key trends driving our business today and their impact on tomorrow’s technology

Original Airdate: 
28 May 2020

What are the key trends for the media, broadcast, streaming and cinema industries? an intimate conversation with global technology leaders – with a business focus

How has Coronavirus impacted us and what are there any long-term impacts? Will 5G really make a difference or is it just another technology that won’t live up to the promise? Are the practicalities of shifting production and distribution to the cloud resolved or is there still a way to go? For our industry professionals how are they adapting to the new disrupted world – the shift to IT skills rather than engineering and the...

Change Management - Are You Up to the Challenge of Change?

Original Airdate: 
29 Nov 2018

Emerging technologies. Shifting viewer preferences. Growing competition from expected and unexpected sources. For the media and entertainment industry, the only constant is change. In this webinar, Eagle Hill Consulting’s John McCoskey will explain how the discipline of change management can help executives lead through even the most complex organizational changes.

Performance Management - Managing Performance: What's Your Blue Line?

Original Airdate: 
27 Sep 2018

What does a blue line have to do with performance management? In this webinar, Eagle Hill Consulting co-founder Jack Kelley joins John McCoskey to share the story of the blue line—and how it reflects three key principles of performance management.

ATSC 3.0 Transition Strategies

Original Airdate: 
28 Jun 2018

Now that the FCC has approved the new ATSC 3.0 broadcast standards on a voluntary basis, it begs the question: Why, when, and how should an organization make the transition to this new technology? In this webcast, Eagle Hill Consulting’s John McCoskeywill share how to evaluate the options and build customized strategies to answer these key questions.

Core Values - How to Stay Out of the Headlines? Start With a Healthy Culture

Original Airdate: 
22 Mar 2018

Multiple industries are mired in scandal and crisis, with steep consequences for individuals and organizations. What’s the root cause? And, what’s the best way to address toxic behaviors? Join Eagle Hill Consulting CEO Melissa John McCoskey in a discussion about why core values are at the heart of the problem—and the solution.

SMPTE's Centennial Year: Wrap Up and Look Forward to the Future

Original Airdate: 
14 Dec 2016

During this special December Executive Member Webcast, SMPTE President Robert Seidel, President-Elect Matthew Goldman, and Executive Director Barbara Lange will look back at highlights of 2016. Because the centennial celebration has served as a call-to-action for the Society to continue its industry leadership through its Next Century, they also will discuss the Society’s bright future regarding standards development, membership, and education.

Looking to the Future - Building on the Past Business Models Changing as Entertainment Technology Evolves

Original Airdate: 
22 Sep 2016

Innovations in technology have changed the way content, from movies and TV to commercials and games, are produced and distributed, from the earliest days of cinema to the dawn of TV and on to the now ubiquitous streaming companies.

Well defined windows were once the status quo, but in many respects, those barriers have been broken. What was once the norm is no longer.

Technology changes have democratized the industry at all points on the value chain and have given rise to a growing number of companies in all market segments, including those where entertainment was not the...

Virtualization In Modern Media Networks and Systems

Original Airdate: 
23 Jun 2016

A major discussion topic across the industry today is centered around migration from Serial Digital Infrastructure to packet based switching, routing, signal distribution and media control. The process is likely to evolve over time as new equipment, software and related interfaces become available. Next generation core switching, routing and signal distribution promise great potential to "change the way we do business". Communications and data center service providers having previously successfully adopted and deployed Virtualization techniques in servers and storage, are now turned their...

Media Landscape – Traditional TV And Connected Devices

Original Airdate: 
01 Dec 2015

One of the most challenging questions before the Industry these days is how the roles of traditional television and connected devices will play out. What is the role for tradition television? Will it become the “aging relative” of today’s connected devices? Will it become simply one of many ways to enjoy content? Please join special guest speaker Scott L. Brown, Senior Vice President, Nielsen, as he explores the state of the industry and where things may be going.

A Conversation With SMPTE leadership: The Society’s Strategy and Direction

Original Airdate: 
24 Mar 2015

When was the last time you had a chance to speak to and ask questions directly to the SMPTE Leadership Team? During this unique Executive Strategy Briefing Webcast, you will have that opportunity.