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The SMPTE DCP: Ensuring the Ultimate Cinematic Experience Every Time

Thursday, 13 December 2018

1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST / 18:00 UTC/GMT

In this SMPTE Standards webcast, our speakers focus on both the technical and business aspects of the ratified SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format. The SMPTE DCP allows implementers and users to achieve the ability to support and exhibit HDR, HFR imagery,  immersive audio,  and automation within an auditoria environment by leveraging the enriched metadata held within a composition. It also aids future advancements in the medium by providing a solid and secure foundation to which people can extend existing technologies and build new ones, truly allowing for the ultimate cinematic experience every time.

Please join guest speakers, Jack Watts and Tomasz Witkowski as they explore and discuss the SMPTE DCP.

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Guest Speakers

With 12+ years experience in the Motion Picture industry, Jack has worked across all ranges within the finishing and distribution medium. Starting out as a 35mm/Digital Cinema integrator, Jack has experience in Color Science, VFX, Infrastructure Build and Content Authoring. Whilst working at Technicolor; Jack defined and implemented mastering workflows for high-end Hollywood Studio content on a global scale.

Jack has extensive knowledge of the Digital Cinema (DCP) & Interoperable Master Format (IMP) packaging formats. Along with consulting an assortment of manufacturers on the correct implementation in their products, Jack is heavily active within a collection of industry communities attributing to their end use and has membership across a range of bodies such as SMPTE Standards participation, EDCF and DPP.

Tomasz has 19 years’ experience in the global motion picture industry. He has held many positions in which he has been responsible for teams dealing with content from Hollywood studios, independent filmmakers and advertising, under extreme time pressure. He also has experience of working with postproduction workflows and processes, encoding, conforming and editing theatrical and TV content for mastering. He is well versed in handling digital cinema packages for high-profile screenings; as well as theatre and projector installation, calibration, and alignment for image and audio, including 3D, HDR and Immersive audio projection. He has led many projects involving DCP/IMF mastering, distribution and content versioning. Tomasz is a standards-member of the SMPTE, BSI, ISO, and DPP.

Tomasz is Ex Dolby Ymagis, Eclair Visual Data – working on new technologies and standards.