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The standards development process is crucial to the motion imaging industry. The process by which SMPTE standards are developed is best understood by those directly involved in it, but now, anyone can learn about SMPTE Standards by participating in this unique opportunity "peek under the hood". These live SMPTE Standards webcasts are captured for on-demand playback, so if your schedule doesn’t allow you to participate in a live webcast, you can always see what you've missed.

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Standards June Meeting Outcome Summary

Original Airdate: 
25 Jun 2020

Due to concerns around the coronavirus (COVID-19), and in accordance with health guidance from the CDC, WHO, and other health authorities, we have decided to cancel the in-person component of our June 2020 Technology Committee Meetings. While registration is still required, this is a completely virtual, online only event. For more information click here

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Standards March Meeting Outcome Summary

Original Airdate: 
02 Apr 2020

The first-ever Standards Meetings in India took place in the first week of March 2020. This webcast covers the proceedings of the meetings along with some background and insight into the world of Indian Cinema. As a result of these meetings, the SMPTE India Section will create at least one Student Chapter and the relationship between SMPTE and the Indian Film and TV Community has been strengthened. Join Bruce Devlin and Thomas Bause Mason for this update.

SMPTE Quarterly Update 12-19-2019

Original Airdate: 
19 Dec 2019

We at SMPTE would like to extend our most sincere gratitude and thanks to Arista Networks in Santa Clara, California for agreeing to host our December SMPTE standards meeting. This webinar provides the latest updates in all standards that are in flight. We inform attendees of what's published, what's new and as a special bonus, this webinar will also include an update from the JT-NM on what's next for the ST 2110 ecosystem.

Standards Meeting Outcome Summary 10-10-2019

Original Airdate: 
10 Oct 2019

Catch up on the headline standards from SMPTE including ST 2110 and IMF. You'll also find out about the strong work being done in the many of the committees that continues to bring new standards into being that cover compression, time labeling, high dynamic range, immersive audio, lighting similarity, metadata and MXF. This quarter you'll also hear from our Standards Vice President Bruce Devlin about reference code in SMPTE and learn how software methodologies are being used to improve SMPTE's responsiveness and document processes.

Standards Meeting Outcome Summary 07-18-2019

Original Airdate: 
18 Jul 2019

The July Standards Outcome Webcast covers the latest updates in SMPTE standards activities including updates to the ST 2110, IMF and Compression Standards. We'll be covering that activity that took place in Tokyo in June thanks to our wonderful hosts at Imagica and will be featuring a special deep dive on High Dynamic range metadata, specifically the standard SMPTE ST 2094 Dynamic Metadata for Color Volume Transformation. Each webinar we hold a poll for the next special feature. If you want your voice to be heard, then please join us!

ST 429-18 Immersive Cinema Track File and 429-19 Immersive DCP constraints

Original Airdate: 
23 May 2019

Building on the work done in 25CSS to create the Immersive Audio Bitstream Essence (SMPTE ST 2098-2) published last year, work was continued in 21DC to create standards based on current practice for packaging and distributing DCPs that contained the 2098-2 Essence. The DCP needed to be functional with existing deployed systems, while also maintaining backward compatibility with existing Dolby ATMOS content and rendering systems. Work was done to create a track file (ST 429-18) that would be compatible with a DCinema CPL (ST 429-7), and concurrently, to create additional constraints for Immersive Audio DCPs (ST 429-19) that would be used in addition to, and maintaining compliance with, current DCP Operation Constraints (ST 429-2). This webcast will explore those topics in depth. ​

SMPTE Quarterly Update and an Introduction to the new Workspace Environment

Original Airdate: 
28 Mar 2019

SMPTE Standards Committees are charged with developing Engineering Documents and reviewing existing documents to ensure that they are current with established engineering practices and are compatible with international engineering documents. Each quarter, the Technical Committees and Sub-groups convene to fulfill this charge. Please join Bruce Devlin, Standards Vice President and Thomas Bause Mason, Director of Standards Development, as they summarize the outcomes and progress made during the March of 2019 Standards meetings held in White Plains.

Beyond SMPTE Time Code - the TLX Project

Original Airdate: 
21 Feb 2019

SMPTE Time Code, standardized as SMPTE ST 12, was originally defined in the 1970s and, although there have been many updates and enhancements, the fundamental attributes remain unchanged. ST 12 is key to electronic video editing, and has found application in many other fields and industries.

But, ST 12 is constrained by the original design that reflects the technology landscape of the time (quad VTRs and Nixie tubes). ST12 has many limitations that cannot be addressed while maintaining backwards compatibility; it is time for a new approach. The TLX project (Time Label, eXtensible)...

Building Large SMPTE ST 2110 Systems Using JT-NM TR-1001-1

Original Airdate: 
10 Jan 2019

With the publication of several of documents in SMPTE’s suite of ST 2110 standards, it is more important than ever that you understand how IP can be implemented in your professional media creation facility.

The SMPTE ST 2110 standards suite is designed to provide a great deal of flexibility in system implementations and focuses mainly on the definitions of media stream contents. Likewise, the AMWA IS-04 and IS-05 specifications are highly flexible APIs that allow a variety of media types and infrastructures. SMPTE ST 2059, based on IEEE 1588, describes how to synchronize video...

The SMPTE DCP: Ensuring the Ultimate Cinematic Experience Every Time

Original Airdate: 
13 Dec 2018

In this SMPTE Standards webcast, our speakers focus on both the technical and business aspects of the ratified SMPTE Digital Cinema Package (DCP) format. The SMPTE DCP allows implementers and users to achieve the ability to support and exhibit HDR, HFR imagery, immersive audio, and automation within an auditoria environment by leveraging the enriched metadata held within a composition. It also aids future advancements in the medium by providing a solid and secure foundation to which people can extend existing technologies and build new ones, truly allowing for the ultimate cinematic...