Comment on document outside of FCD or RDD Ballot Period (All)

Every SC member can comment on a document at any time of the document development process. This is regardless of your status as an O-Member or a P-Member. Currently all comments which are being made outside of an FCD or RDD ballot period must be submitted by email to either the TC chair, Drafting Group (DG) chair or Document Editor. All comments received after the FCD or RDD ballot completed are counted as Late Comments. The TC chairs will collect the comments and distribute them to the chair(s) of the subgroup working on the document you commented on. The below provisions give guidance on how to comment.

Send an email with your comment(s) to the TC Chairs (e.g., DG chair or Document Editor, including the following (see example after instructions):

  • The name of the Document Ballot you are commenting on, including the full document name
  • Each comment should be individually resolvable 
  • For multiple comments, each comment should be clearly enumerated (1, 2, 3, etc)
  • Each Comment must be provided with:
    • Subject
    • Summary of Comment
    • Location: Section/Page/Line/Item(Figure/Paragraph/Table) Details
    • Category (Editorial/Substantive)å
    • Proposed Solution


  1. LPM flags
    • Summary: Bit 4, Bit 3, Bit 2, or Bit 1 is reserved -- does this mean that one of these bits is reserved or that all of these are reserved?
    • Document: 10E-RDD-58-Live-Production-Metadata-2020-10-20.docx
    • Location: Section 4, Table 3
    • Category: Editorial
    • Proposed Solution: Bit 4, Bit 3, Bit 2, and Bit 1 are reserved and are set to 0.

  1. Inappropriate use of "will"