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SMPTE SKN Teams User Interface (UI)

The SMPTE SKN Teams UI is the standard Teams UI with some customized features which help the SMPTE process for standards development. 

  1. The list of teams you are a member of
  2. Apps which are available to you e.g. activity notifications, chat, teams list, calendar, calls etc.
  3. The button to join a team (SMPTE SC members do not have permission to create teams)
  4. Customizable bar with “tabs” that can be used to add applications, websites etc.
  5. Search bar to search Teams or a selected team
  6. A screen with various content (screen content depends on what team, app or tab was selected) 
  7. Access to your user account, settings or the sign-out button
  8. Shows access rights a user has in a channel (e.g. org = organization wide, team = only team members)

Please note: Only SMPTE HQ is allowed to create teams. Contact SMPTE HQ for support to create a new team (standards-support@smpte.org). 

Please note: Applications or websites can only be added to the tab bar with permission of SMPTE HQ.