Read group email (All)

Emails are handled in the SMPTE SKN through Outlook Online. You could also use the Outlook desktop app or the mobile app for either Android or iOS but we will not cover that in this document.

  • Go to, log in and select the Microsoft Outlook online app via the apps bar on the left of the browser window.

  • Your inbox will be shown once you clicked on “Outlook” 

  • Hover with your mouse pointer over the left bar of the browser window where your inbox is located and scroll down to “Groups”. There you will see all the groups you are a member of. Each team in Microsoft Teams has a Microsoft Outlook group associated with which allows you to take part in what Microsoft calls conversations.

  • Double click on any of your emails and the email will open in a separate window

  • Click on the X in the upper right corner of the email window to close it.