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How to start a review (TC Chairs) COMING SOON

How to start a pre-FCD or pre-DP review

Only TC chairs are allowed to start a pre-DP or pre-FCD review. To do this TC chairs have to go to the Standards Committee (ST) team on the SKN and fill out a request form. The request form is located in the general channel of that team. Please click on "Service Register" located in the tab menu on top of the screen. Then click on "Request a vote, audit or review".

Clicking the link "Request a vote, audit or review" will open the below form. Please complete the form and provide all necessary information for the review. Then click submit. SMPTE HQ will receive your request and will create the review for you. The review will start automatically at the request start date and the Technology Committee (TC) associated with review will be informed via automatic email.

Please note, project approval reviews are still being initiated through creating a new project in the projects app.