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How to view a ballot, vote, audit or review (All Users)

View all information for a vote. Including instructions, document info, who has voted and vote metadata/results.

 From the Home screen, you can click the right arrow on a vote to access the vote screen.

The vote screen contains three to four tabs (Instructions, Document, Voters and Comments). The Comments tab will be shown only if the vote type allows comments (FCD Ballot or ST Audit). The default tab is the “Document tab” which contains all of the information on the document being voted on and the metadata for the vote. The vote metadata includes how many P-Members are eligible to vote, how many have either voted Yes, No or Abstain, if consensus and numerical consensus are achieved and if the vote passed or failed. A progress bar represents a graphical representation of that metadata. Each vote is indicated by a block with the colors red (No vote), green (Yes vote) and blue (Abstain vote). Two lines indicate how many votes are needed to achieve consensus and numerical consensus.

Clicking the instructions tab will present the boilerplate instructions available with each vote or ballot. This screen also includes comments from the TC chair. The Voter tab contains a list with all eligible voters who have participated in the vote or ballot, and what their votes is.

The list of comments contains some of the comment information, and what the status of each comment is. This list can be used to access the comment to provide additional responses, or to simply view the comment chain. Additional information on comments is provided in other parts of this user guide.

These buttons can be used to access the vote submission screen, to export the vote data, or to access the new comment submission screen. They may be greyed out if you are not eligible to vote or leave a new comment.