The Excellence in Standards Award Recipients

John Hudson

For his sustained efforts in the development, and evolution of standards relating to real-time electrical and optical streaming media interfaces for video and D-Cinema production.  Mr. Hudson authored the SMPTE 3Gb/s SDI standard in parallel with his work developing the necessary components, resulting in a rapid and successful adoption of the interface by the industry, and is a key player in the development of 6Gb/s and 12Gb/s UHDTV SDI interfaces.  John’s SMPTE work is characterized by commitment and competence, combined with an attitude of cooperation and collegial relations with colleagues and competitors.

John Hudson is Director of Strategic Technology & International Standardization for Semtech Gennum Products. His responsibilities include technology strategy, product definition and international standardization for Semtech’s video and datacom business.  Hudson has spent 28 years in the broadcast industry beginning his career as a design engineer at Sony Broadcast and Professional Europe.  He joined Gennum in 1999 and has been instrumental in developing the company’s video and multi-media semiconductor business.  As an active member of SMPTE and SMPTE Fellow, Hudson serves as Chair of the 32NF40 Working Group on SDI Interfaces and chairs the 32NF70 6G-SDI drafting group.  He is the author of several SMPTE Standards, and actively contributes to the development of real-time streaming media interfaces for video and D-Cinema production.  




John Hurst

For his sustained efforts in D-Cinema standards and interoperability efforts for which he consistently provides objective evaluation of the technical/business trade-offs to arrive at the most cost-effective solutions with rigorous attention to technical detail in ensuring the accurate interrelationship of SMPTE's D-Cinema standards.

Bob Edge

Bob Edge has made major contributions in SMPTE engineering activities for many years.  As a committee chair and active participant, he has been a leader in the development of standards for file formats and file-based workflows. For his continuous and proactive commitment to the development and improvement to SMPTE’s engineering standards and practices, Bob Edge is awarded our society's Excellence in Standards Award for 2012.

Michael A. Dolan

Michael Dolan plays a leading role in SMPTE engineering activities in the field of traditional broadcasting as well as broadband and emerging technologies. For his continuous and proactive commitment to the development and improvement of our Society's practices, its history, and SMPTE's engineering standards, Michael Dolan is awarded the Excellence in Standards Award for 2011.

Thomas A. Scott

For his steady and pragmatic guidance in standards participation, his outstanding leadership in the roles of Engineering Director and Editorial Director, and for his conference participation, all of which are aimed at the continued promulgation of SMPTE standards and materials.

Peter Dare

For his continuous, active participation in SMPTE’s standards work for over 40 years.  Mr. Dare has authored countless standards related to the compression, encryption, and formatting of audio-visual content for the purposes of storage on analog and digital tape and carriage across serial interfaces, for ultimate presentation in standard-definition, high-definition, and digital cinema.   He is a careful reviewer of every SMPTE standard, often playing devil’s advocate to ensure all aspects are considered from content production to equipment playout.  Mr. Dare has chaired numerous Ad Hoc and Study Groups, as well as a Technology Committee on Networks.  He has become a proficient disciple of SMPTE process and his guidance is sought by others on navigating the rigorous standardization steps.  Mr. Dare’s dedicated performance in the SMPTE Standards Community has resulted in a high quality of professional publications.