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    SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

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    2021 Editorial Calendar


    June Issue - UHD

    The theme of the June issue is UHD. This issue includes the introduction of a CMOS imager enabling high frame rate operation in native UHD-1/4K resolution and high dynamic range support. It also covers the development of a prototype 8K UHDTV wireless camera system, and provides examination of OTT UHD delivery to determine the best solution. Also included are studies on integrating machine learning in visual effects toolsets and investigating user experience in cloud-based environments.



    The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of theSociety, consistently ranked by our members as the most valuable benefit of their SMPTE membership. Each issue of the Journal explores a theme in great depth, with peer-reviewed technical articles from leading academics, researchers and engineers working at the top companies worldwide.

    You'll expand your knowledge on topics like image processing, display technologies, audio, compression, standards, digital cinema, distribution and machine learning and much more. For additional coverage of each month's topic, the Journal features more exclusive articles online. The Journal publishes 10 issues in print and online plus a special, digital-only edition available in the SMPTE digital library, hosted on the IEEE Xplore platform .

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