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    SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

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    2021 Editorial Calendar

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    The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of theSociety, consistently ranked by our members as the most valuable benefit of their SMPTE membership. Each issue of the Journal explores a theme in great depth, with peer-reviewed technical articles from leading academics, researchers and engineers working at the top companies worldwide.

    You'll expand your knowledge on topics like image processing, display technologies, audio, compression, standards, digital cinema, distribution and machine learning and much more. For additional coverage of each month's topic, the Journal features more exclusive articles online. The Journal publishes 10 issues in print and online plus a special, digital-only edition available in the SMPTE digital library, hosted on the IEEE Xplore platform .

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    Table of Contents

    Technical Papers

    How to Successfully Commission a SMPTE ST 2059/PTP System
    Leigh Whitcomb

    8K/16K Video and 3D Audio Coding and Playback for Larg-Screen Immersive Spaces
    Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa;Sergio Sanz-Rodríguez;Chi Ching Chi;Maciej Glowiak;Roland Haring


    Wide Area Networks for Both High - and Low - end SMPTE ST 2110 Workflows
    Alexander Sandstrom


    Newly Elected Officers and Governors
    Hans Hoffmann;Patricia Keighley;Renard Jenkins;Mike Zink;Tony Ngai;Karl Kuhn;Konstantin Glasman;Marty Meyer;Lisa Hobbs;Jessica Wan

    SMPTE Almanac
    Michael Dolan