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    2020 Editorial Calendar

    The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of the Society, consistently ranked by our members as the most valuable benefit of their SMPTE membership. Each issue of the Journal explores a theme in great depth, with peer-reviewed technical articles from leading academics, researchers and engineers working at the top companies worldwide.

    You'll expand your knowledge on topics like image processing, display technologies, audio, compression, standards, digital cinema, distribution and machine learning and much more. For additional coverage of each month's topic, the Journal features more exclusive articles online. The Journal publishes 10 issues in print and online plus a special, digital-only edition available in the SMPTE digital library, hosted on the IEEE Xplore platform .

    Table of Contents

    Message from the Executive Director: SMPTE Reimagined
    Barbara H. Lange

    Update from the Standards Vice President:  Immersive Media
    Bruce Devlin

    2020 SMPTE Fellows
    Terry D. Adams; Jeff Beachy; Andy Beale; Lynn D. Claudy; Don Eklund; Ricardo R. Figueroa; Simon Gauntlett; Mark C. Gray; Robert C. Hummel III; Michael E. Johnson; Thomas Kernen; Kommer Kleijn; Timothy Macmillan; Ajit Ninan; Félix Poulin; Wolfgang Ruppel; Yvonne Thomas; Willem Vermost

    2020 Honors and Awards Recipients
    Richard Edlund; W. Reed Hastings; John D. Ross; Natalie Kalmus; Beverly Joanna Wood; Andrew Munro; Rich Chernock; Corey P. Carbonara; Bruce Leak; Katie Cornog; Gérard Corbasson; James Snyder; Julien Le Tanou; Médéric Blestel; Leon D. Silverman; John F. Snow; Bob Hudelson; Noel Shing-Sun Leung; Nicholas Hurley; Adam C. Burke

    OMAF4Cloud:  Standards-Enables 360° Video Creation as a Service
    Yu You; Ari Hourunranta; Emre B. Aksu

    3D Video Technology Based on Spatial Imaging for Advanced Broadcasting
    Hayato Watanabe; Hisayuki Sasaki; Kensuke Ikeya; Naoto Okaichi; Masanori Kano; Takuya Omura; Kensuke Hisatomi; Masahiro Kawakita; Tomoyuki Mishina

    Lessons Larned During One year of Commercial Volumetric Video Production
    Oliver Schreer; Ingo Feldmann; Peter Kauff; Peter Eisert; Danny Tatzelt; Cornelius Hellge; Karsten Müller; Sven Bliedung; Thomas Ebner

    HDR and WCG Image Quality Assessment Using Color Difference Metrics
    Anustup Choudhury; Jaclyn Pytlarz; Scott Daly

    An Investigation of the Value of Wide Color Gamut in Motion Pictures
    Jake Zuena; David Long

    SMPTE Almanac
    Michael Dolan