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    SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal

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    2021 Editorial Calendar

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    The SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal is the key publication of theSociety, consistently ranked by our members as the most valuable benefit of their SMPTE membership. Each issue of the Journal explores a theme in great depth, with peer-reviewed technical articles from leading academics, researchers and engineers working at the top companies worldwide.

    You'll expand your knowledge on topics like image processing, display technologies, audio, compression, standards, digital cinema, distribution and machine learning and much more. For additional coverage of each month's topic, the Journal features more exclusive articles online. The Journal publishes 10 issues in print and online plus a special, digital-only edition available in the SMPTE digital library, hosted on the IEEE Xplore platform .

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    Table of Contents


    Artificial Intelligence and SMPTE
    Barbara H. Lange

    AI and ML
    Bruce Devlin

    Toronto February 2021
    Mansour Mahdavi

    AI and Machine Learning
    Steven Craig Bilow

    Technical Paper

    Exploring Automated Voice Casting for Content Localization Using Deep Learning
    Aansh Malik;Ha Nguyen


    "AI News Anchor" With Deep Learning-Based Speech Synthesis
    Kiyoshi Kurihara;Nobumasa Seiyama;Tadashi Kumano;Takashi Fukaya;Kazunari Saito;Satoshi Suzuki

    Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Live Sports Landscape
    Adrish Bera

    Toward a Subjective Assessments System for Closed Captioning Quality
    Somang Nam;Deborah Fels;Mark Chignell

    Automated Brand Color Accuracy of Realtime Video
    Emma Mayes;John Paul Lineberger;Michelle Mayer;Andrew Sanborn;Hudson Smith;Erica Walker

    A Practical guide to Securing SMPTE ST 2110 Systems and What Standards Organizations Are Doing to Help
    Leigh Whitcomb


    SMPTE Almanac
    Michael Dolan