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2023 Media Technology Summit

Who We Are


  • Is a Global organization that must operate and represent ourselves as such.
  • Has three pillars of activity, Standards, Membership, and Education.
  • Is Inclusive.
  • Values and nurtures our volunteers.
  • Strives to understand the common needs of all our stakeholders.
  • Is Objective.
  • Seeks to realize real and valuable synergies with the HPA and all of our partners.
  • Returns a net surplus each year to sustain and grow the organization.
SMPTE is a global society of media professionals, technologists and engineers working together to drive the industry forward.
Technical brilliance. Creative passion. A shared dedication to the collaborative process. From the early days of entertainment technology to the latest digital media breakthroughs, the brightest minds in the industry have found their community in SMPTE, the home of creative technology.
SMPTE people form a global professional society of individuals and corporations collaborating for the advancement of all things technical in the motion picture, television and digital media industries. The Society fosters a diverse and engaged membership from both the technology and creative communities, delivering vast educational offerings, technical conferences and exhibitions, informational blog posts, and the renowned SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal. We champion local and global forums, section meetings, and other events that offer invaluable access to a network of mentors and colleagues. We encourage and reward volunteer participation in leadership roles within the Society.
SMPTE is an internationally recognized Standards organization, bringing order to the chaos of constantly evolving technologies with a high level of unbiased technical excellence. SMPTE's more than 800 engineering standards and guidelines are developed in a collaborative process with individuals and corporations to advance global interoperability of hardware and software. As a result, the industry worldwide can enjoy both improved workflow and uncompromising quality for seamless creation, management and delivery of media.
Vision Statement Enabling the technical framework and global professional community that makes motion picture, television and professional media available for all humanity to enjoy for artistic, educational and social purposes.
Mission Statement To drive the quality and evolution of motion pictures, television, and professional media through our global society of technologists, developers, and creatives by setting industry standards, providing relevant education, and fostering an engaged membership community.