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SMPTE-NY September 2017 Meeting
Sponsored by Adorama

"New Technology in Portable Lighting"

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017
5:30 PM Refreshments and Social Hour
6:15 PM Program start

CBS Radio
345 Hudson Street, 
New York, NY

Guests and Non Members Welcome! Refreshments will be served!

Raymond Bluementhal, Adorama

Russ Abelein, SVP and GM The Tiffen Company, Lowel Light
Gary Adcock, Lightpanels
Steve Geata, Regional Sales Managera, Lumos
Bob Jones, Zylight/Aladdia
Jonathan Miller, Chief Product Officer, Hive Lighting Inc
Tom Yuhas, Cineo Lighting, Sales Director

Portable lighting systems for field use has been slowly developing since the introduction of news cameras when it was film or video. Early lighting was heavy, bulky, required lots of power, and was difficult to control color temperature. A news or film crew needed a lighting person to carry the lights, set them up and then run long extension cables to distribute the power.

Over the years, lighting has improved with lighter instruments, less power needed, more portable systems, and the ability to be more creative in lighting. This was brought about with the introduction of the Tungsten light bulb. There were still issues of distribution of power, heat, and color temperature.

Then, along came the LED. It takes less power, is cool to the touch, and you can control the color temperature. Another benefit: it has allowed manufactures to design lighting fixtures and instruments that were not possible before.

David LeitnerCongratulations to David Leitner, SMPTE Fellow!
David Leitner, Director, Producer, and Cinematographer at Leitner Studio

On behalf of myself, Secretary/Treasurer John Cerquone, and the entire SMPTE-NY Board of Managers, I wish to offer sincere congratulations to David Leitner on his elevation to Fellow of the Society.  David has been an active participant in the New York Section for his entire career and has made substantial contributions to the standards, technology, and activities of our section and the greater Society.  We are proud to have David as a member and colleague and salute this special recognition by the Society.

Jeff Cohen,
Chair, New York Section

David Leitner is an active director, producer, writer, speaker, industry consultant, and Emmy®-nominated director of photography (Chuck Close: “Portrait in Progress”) with 80+ credits in feature-length dramas and documentaries, including eight Sundance Film Festival premieres. Leitner co-produced the Academy Award-nominated documentary “For All Mankind,” for which he spent nine months at NASA’s Johnson Space Center restoring 16mm lunar footage. He also has photographed hour-long documentaries on iconic writers, artists, and architects for New York’s Checkerboard Film Foundation. In his role as director of new technology at DuArt Film & Video in New York, he innovated optical printing, camera lens testing, and film-to-tape transfer and played a key role in introducing Super 16 to the U.S. Leitner also served as senior contributing editor at “Millimeter” magazine and remains an ongoing contributor to the textbook classic, “The Filmmaker’s Handbook.” He has served on the board of managers of the SMPTE New York Section.



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