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    Apollo 11 the IMAX Experience
    Apollo 11 the IMAX Experience

    When the Apollo 11 spacecraft took off for the Moon a crew of camera operators working for NASA including the astronauts themselves, documented the event in various formats, including 16mm, 35mm, and 70mm film as well as kinescopes, video recordings and other audiovisual materials produced by others. Hundreds of hours of audio recordings, telemetric and other data were recorded as well, including the vital signs of all three crew members.

    For nearly a half century most of the NASA material remained in the National Archives safely stored but, most notably the 70mm materials but also much of the 35mm and 16mm footage, unseen by anyone since the safe return of the astronauts to Earth.

    Before the 50th anniversary of the flight filmmaker Todd Douglas Miller and a talented team of filmmakers and engineers working at the Final Frame post facility initiated a project to bring these materials to the public as a documentary using bleeding edge high resolution digital image scanning and sophisticated post production techniques.

    The result is a stunning tour de force of both the aesthetic and technological aspects of filmmaking.


    • Todd Douglass Miller, Director and Editor
    • Will Cox, CEO Final Frame and DI Colorist for Apollo 11
    • Eric Milano, Sound Mixer, Apollo 11

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    Covid innovation or IT best practice? Find out at the November meeting of SMTPE NY TV technology thought leaders from Broadcast, Cable, and OTT view the enablement of remote faculty management COVID 19 has motivated television facilities to remotely manage engineering functions previously accomplished with in-person visits. Today, new technology installation and certification, system reconfigurations, as well as maintenance and monitoring of system health are being managed from afar. The enabler of this is TV system virtualization.
    October 14, 2020

    Launching a Media Career in the Age of Covid

    Starting a media career is always a challenge, Covide makes it more so. A team of industry and career experts will share strategies for success.

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