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The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) was founded in 1916 to advance theory and development in the motion imaging field. SMPTE is a global, award-winning technical society and professional membership organization that is devoted to advancing the theory and application of motion-imaging technology including film, television, video, computer imaging, and telecommunications. Our membership is made up of engineers, executives, technical directors, cameramen, editors, consultants, educators, and specialists in film processing, film and television production and post-production, and practitioners from almost every other discipline in the motion-imaging industry.

The Hollywood Section serves SMPTE members in the greater Los Angeles Area of California. Our free monthly meetings feature technology presentations by experts in their field and the opportunity to network with other media and entertainment professionals.



William Kent McGuire 
It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Kent McGuire passed away on March 1st, 2018 of an apparent heart attack. Kent was the founder, and with Linda McGuire, the owner of PRECO, Inc. for the past 25 years. Kent was a great leader and visionary but always focused on the best interest of everyone around him. We were blessed to have known him.
Kent leaves behind a successful company and team of employees that were built on integrity and hard work.  The existing staff has already assumed his duties and PRECO will maintain the high standard and quality of service that all of you rely on.  We appreciate your continued support.  

Linda McGuire, Glen McGuire and Tak Nakamori, Preco

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March 22, 2018  @ Linwood Dunn Theater


The title of the presentation is also the title of Lenny Lipton’s forthcoming book which is a history of motion picture technology that began in the 17th century with Christian Huygen’s invention of the magic lantern. The presentation surveys 350 years of motion picture technology taking the position that the fundamental definition of cinema is projection with motion. Therefore the pre-cinema category used by film scholars, to denote the pre-Edisonian or celluloid cinema, is misleading since magic lantern projection incorporated motion, but real motion unlike the current cinema of apparent motion.

His years of research have led Lipton to formulate a new categorization of cinema’s history diving into three Eras based on the nature of the carrier of information: The Glass, Celluloid, and Digital Eras. The Glass Cinema Era was a cinema of real motion, which was transformed after the discovery of apparent motion during a half-century of experimentation. Advances in photographic technology and the manufacture of celluloid led directly to the century-long Celluloid Cinema Era, which over time has given way to the electro-digital method of image storage and manipulation based on television technology.

Lenny Lipton founded StereoGraphics Corporation in 1980 and was the Chief Technology Officer of RealD during the introduction of digital stereoscopic theatrical exhibition. He’s been granted 72 patents in the field of electronic stereoscopic displays and received a Smithsonian award for his invention of CrystalEyes, the original electronic stereoscopic eyewear product. He led the team that invented the ZScreen, used in 30,000 RealD theaters, and was the first to demonstrate the flickerless projection technique used on 80,000 3D cinema screens. He has written four books, including the Independent Filmmaking (1972) and Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema (1982).

Lenny Lipton is a Fellow of both the SMPTE and the SPIE. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Conservatoire des techniques of the Cinémathèque Française. While a physics major at Cornell he wrote the lyrics of the song Puff the Magic Dragon. He produced and directed 25 independent films collected by the Pacific Film Archive. He is currently writing a book about the history of motion picture technology. He lives in Laurel Canyon, California, with his family.

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