Hollywood SMPTE Opening Fall Program
at the Linwood Dunn Theater
Wednesday, September 30, 2015
Reception at 6:30pm, program starts at 7:30pm             

Now you see them … Now you don’t
What does it take to find one?

Does your old Job and Title exist in today’s market?
Does your skill set meet the criteria for current positions?Man_Resume.jpg

We will explore the new reality of jobs in the rapidly changing media landscape. 
Learn where the jobs are, what the requisite skills are, what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for, and how to present yourself.

Our speakers will give us a peek into the new hiring process.
·         Do job boards really work?
·         Well defined Skill requirements – hiring mangers want specific skills.
·         Technology Expertise – How will you relate that to what is needed today.
·         Management Experience - How can you establish that in your resume and your interview. 

Have a question for one of our panel members send it to anthony@emtminfo.com.

Moderator: Anthony Magliocco - Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing, Inc.
Bruce Waxman – Executive Recruiter – The Waxman Group
Stacy Lewis - Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition & Research Fox  
Cindy Chow Snavely - Former Hiring Manager  Deluxe Laboratories
Kim Mackey - Dreamworks Animation