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NAB Show 2023

Hollywood Section


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Upcoming events:

Executive Decisions: A down-to-earth conversation with notable key players at the forefront of technological change in the M&E Industry

At the SMPTE 2022 Media Technology Summit

Date: Wednesday, 26 October, 2022
Time: 3 p.m. -  4 p.m. Pacific
Location Name: Salon 2

Annie Chang (Moderator) - Universal Pictures
Emmanuele Borde - Sony Pictures Entertainment
Paulette Pantoja - Blu Digital Group
Theresa Miller - Lionsgate
Melody Hildebrandt - Blockchain Creative Labs
Belinda Merritt - pixitmedia

Produced by:
Belinda Merritt
Linda Rosner
Payton List

Join HPA Women in Post and SMPTE Hollywood as we dive into a bold conversation with some of the most influential women executives in our business about their paths to success and their choices and tradeoffs along the way.  We’ve all heard the buzz words – AI - ML, Automation, Virtual Sets, Cloud everything, NFT’s, Web3, 5G and Shoppable Media.  Let’s cut through the noise and have a practical conversation about how cutting-edge tech has impacted their roles at the studios and ask the question: “How are new technology solutions expected to catalyze change the M&E business?”

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SMPTE Hollywood Section Media Innovation: A Discussion of Leading Edge Technologies and the Effects on Creative Choices

At the SMPTE 2022 Media Technology Summit

Date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022,
Time: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
Location: Salon 2
Speakers: Marc Zorn - Marvel Studios
Session Type 2020 Lab

Come join the SMPTE Hollywood Section and industry luminaries in a very candid and in-depth discussion about new media technologies and the influence on the craft, creative choices, and long-term vision of Hollywood movie-making. 

This event is intended to be very interactive, and questions from the audience will be part of what makes this so much fun.  We will throw in some clips and maybe a short demo or two to get things rolling. 

Discussions will also touch on related secondary media advances, like gaming, Virtual Reality, small screen, mobile viewing, Online experiences and social media, second screen viewing, and more.

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Past Meeting:
September 2022


Contact Allan Schollnic and Belinda Merritt about becoming a SMPTE Hollywood Section Sponsor

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AMPAS Senior Project Engineer
Science and Technology Council
Hollywood, CA

 Established in 2003 by the Academy’s Board of Governors, the Science and Technology Council provides a forum for the exchange of information, promotes cooperation among diverse technological interests within the industry, sponsors publications, fosters educational activities, and preserves the history of the science and technology of motion pictures. For information on the Council’s work, please visit http://www.oscars.org/councilLearn more


Open position in MCR - Lead MCR Operator
Please send resumes to narine.seferyan@globecastna.com

For over 30 years, NEP has been a worldwide outsourced production partner supporting premier content producers of live sports, entertainment, music and corporate events. Our technical services include remote production, studio production, centralized production, audio visual solutions, host broadcast support, premium playout, post production and innovative media asset management solutions. NEP’s 3,500+ employees are driven by a passion for superior service and a focus on technical innovation. Together, we have supported productions in 87 countries on all seven continents.
We’ve been earning the respect of the industry by raising the bar in technical management, production support and engineering. 
When content producers need something done right, they look to NEP.

For current opportunities:  https://www.nepgroup.com/career/current-openings

Past Events

August 26, 2022

SMPTE Hollywood Section August Meeting

Cameras and Color Science: Summer 2022 Update
April 13, 2022

SMPTE Hollywood April Section Meeting

SMPTE Hollywood Meeting to Focus on DCP Packaging and Delivery
March 2, 2022

SMPTE Hollywood Section March 2nd Meeting

Cybersecurity in a Post-Pandemic World
January 26, 2022

Hollywood to Explore the Impact of Machine Learning on Visual Effects

Hollywood and the Visual Effects Society will cohost a meeting exploring the impact of machine learning on visual effects.
October 27, 2021

Hollywood Section 27 October Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting: Lighting and Color Science for On-Set Virtual Production
October 7, 2021

Hollywood Section October Virtual Meeting

SMPTE Hollywood to Host Expert Panel on Drones
July 22, 2021

SMPTE Hollywood July Section Meeting

A panel of experts will discuss the critical importance of standards in the motion picture and television industry.
May 27, 2021

Hollywood May Section Meeting

SMPTE Hollywood to Discuss Post-Production in a Post-Covid World
April 1, 2021

SMPTE Hollywood: Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Virtual Tour

Take an exclusive virtual tour of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures before it opens to the public.
March 18, 2021

Hollywood Section March Virtual Meeting

A panel of experts reveals the secrets behind the hugely popular social video app—and what media technologists need to know about the world of short-form video.
February 25, 2021

SMPTE Hollywood to Examine Next-Gen Audio for ATSC 3.0 at February Virtual Meeting

SMPTE Hollywood to Examine Next-Gen Audio for ATSC 3.0 at February Virtual Meeting
January 28, 2021

Host Virtual Panel Exploring “MovieLabs 2030"

MPTE Hollywood will host senior technology executives from MovieLabs, Sony Pictures and Universal Pictures in a virtual panel discussion on their shared vision for the future of the film and television industry.
October 8, 2020

Hollywood - Meet an Industry Innovator

SMPTE Hollywood’s “Meet an Industry Innovator” webinars are free and open to all, including non-members. Advance registration is required.