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2023 Media Technology Summit - Registration Open!

Australia, New Zealand and Southern Pacific Islands Section

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Welcome to the Australia, New Zealand and Southern Pacific Islands Section

Since 1984, the Australia Section of SMPTE has delivered the world-class media and entertainment industry conference to an audience of industry leaders and practitioners from across the Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands and Asia-Pacific region.

About Australia, New Zealand and Southern Pacific Islands Section

The Australia Section was founded in 1971. Today, it is part of the  Asia Pacific Region that includes more than 750 members.  Australia has been a leader in building ties between like-minded and guild organisations serving the media and content industry. Further information about  Australia is available at smpte.org.au.

This web site is part of an ongoing program by the Australia Section to provide better services to members. We appreciate your feedback and always welcome new members.

Australia, New Zealand and Southern Pacific Islands Section METexpo 22

Australia, New Zealand and  Southern Pacific Islands  Section METexpo 22 - How to submit a paper

Coming up this year 270322

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Join SMPTE for change on March 12th- 14th 2024 at Royal Randwick, Sydney.

Enjoy a brand-new engaging experience.

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For over a 100 years SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers) has been the global community of professionals at the heart of evolving technology for the screen and radio industries. Setting the technical standards that have driven the cinema, radio, broadcast and streaming to reach audiences across all platforms.

As our industry changes so does the event that media professionals, technologists and engineers eagerly anticipate every 2 years. 

We are back in 2024 as SMPTE Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific presents the METexpo experience. Three days showcasing the technology and trends that is driving our industry, a full conference program covering the diversity of business and technology expertise and innovation. There will be opportunities to build your skills in interactive education sessions and share knowledge and socialise with your professional community. 

We plan to have your favourite industry solutions and services providers as part of our event along with several new participants to reflect the changing needs of content creation, cinema, broadcast, radio, and streaming.  

Paul Whybrow, Chair of SMPTE, Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific said.

“The local SMPTE board are so excited to be relaunching METexpo in March 2024. We are working with our new event organiser, Visabel and Royal Randwick to create a SMPTE event we are confident our professional community will really enjoy so join SMPTE for change’. 

David Grindle, SMPTE Global Executive Director, added.


“Australia is unique in delivering a SMPTE show and conference for decades and we are delighted to be supporting METexpo as a new era begins in March 24. It is a focus to provide unique value for SMPTE members to really get the most from the event”. 

We will soon be announcing how you can get involved in METexpo 2024 whatever your link to technology in the broadcast, radio, movie, or streaming industry.

About METexpo 2024

SMPTE presents METexpo is an industry show and conference for media professionals, technologists and engineers that are involved with content creation, radio, broadcast, movies, and streaming.  

SMPTE has been running these shows in Sydney for several decades and they have become a catalyst for bringing the industry community together for three days every two years.

The show will include many industry exhibitors who provide services and solutions in this space. This includes all the end to end technical and production components of creating content. This can range from cameras and equipment and services through the editing and post production stages and distribution to audiences across all available platforms.  

The conference will provide an affordable access to leading local and international expertise with really engaging stories to share. We will showcase SMPTE technical presentations along with highly topical knowledge sharing and discussions across the spectrum of technology and the business of media and entertainment.

The METexpo experience will bring the complete community together with a variety of activities to connect, learn and socialise all integrated into the three days of the event.

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Be part of the action

We will soon be sharing how business can get involved in METexpo as exhibitors, sponsorship partners and in community industry education.

If you would like to express an interest to know more then, please contact pwhybrow@m.smpte.org so that we can connect straight with you.

Join SMPTE for change March 12th- 14th 2024 at Royal Randwick, Sydney


Frequently asked questions

Why have you moved the date of METexpo?

Creating a Covid safe environment is very important for us. Leading up to the show we will naturally follow any health guidelines and directives that are in place. As NSW deals with the current outbreak, we wanted to ensure we have both a safe and social event. We believe that moving the event to September will offer the best opportunity to deliver a quality event.

 What If I have already bought a ticket for METexpo in August or September?

Any tickets you have already purchased will be valid for the new dates in March 2022 and you don’t need to do anything to transfer your membership. If you are unable to visit on the new dates we can offer alternative approaches and, if these don’t work for you, we can arrange a refund.

 With Covid lockdowns still a possibility, what happens if Sydney locks down again in March?

We certainly hope this won’t be the case, with the greater number of people vaccinated. If however this was to happen, we will naturally follow any health guidelines and directives that are in place at the time of the show. We will work to ensure that we can deliver as much of the conference as we are able.

 What happens if I buy a conference ticket and my travel from interstate, New Zealand or the Pacific Island is blocked because of a lockdown?

We will naturally follow any health guidelines and directives that are in place at the time of the show. We will work to ensure we can deliver as much of the conference as we are able, including solutions if participants can’t travel because of health restrictions.

 I may not be able to attend the conference in person, is there a virtual access to the live conference?

METexpo is being run as an in-person event, as our members and stakeholders expressed a clear wish to have the best opportunity to share knowledge and connect face-to-face. We are considering some virtual options, except in the case of health restrictions.

What are your special prices for the conference?

We’d really like you to be able to attend and experience METexpo 22, so we have extended our ‘flash sale’ price. This cost is $499 for members and $699 for non-members (saving almost $300). That’s an amazing deal compared to full price of $750 for members and $985 for non-members.

Non-member prices include an option for complimentary 2 SMPTE year membership.

What are your student prices?

We have highly reduced prices for students. The flash price is just $60, the earlybird cost is $70 and the full price is $80. That gives you entry to the entire three-day program.

I am not a SMPTE member, but I am a member of a guild; can I get any discount on my conference pass?

We have arranged partner pricing for a number of guilds. If this applies to your guild they will promote what this is and how to apply for this. There is a guild discount box on the ticket platform.

Can I access individual sessions of the conference?

Yes, you can. Individual sessions can be purchased at $90 for members and $99 for non-members.

Can I buy a bundle of tickets?

The best value is the flash pricing for the conference if you sign up right now. If you wish to buy a bundle of 6 conference session tickets it will be only $515 for members and $565 for non-members.

 I am a member who would like to volunteer to help with the conference and show.

We are delighted with SMPTE members who want to make the event a success. As a voluntary organisation, every offer of assistance is greatly appreciated. You can volunteer by contacting us: I would like to volunteer. As a thank you for your support we provide some great benefits to volunteers

Nominations Open to Recognize Professionals in Australia, New Zealand, and Southern Pacific Islands

A winner from each sub-region, Australia, New Zealand, and the Southern Pacific Islands will be selected across three award categories, Rising Star, Innovators and Industry Builder. 

Additionally, for each award category, a winner will be selected that specifically recognises the achievements of women in the Media and Entertainment Industry; nominations for this award are open to all sub-regions.

Nominations open now

Awards Presented: at METexpo, 15 - 17 March 2022

“Winners will receive a prize to the value of $500 and have the opportunity to be featured in future publications of Content and Technology”.

Note: we may get sponsors to donate either prize money or prizes




 The Rising Star Award recognises a person with 5 years or less of experience in Media and Entertainment Technology whose early accomplishments distinguish them as possible future leaders in the industry.

The award winner is to be determined through an interview process, (conducted remotely) with a panel of SMPTE Board appointed judges. Candidates are encouraged to bring details of their work to the interview and any reward and recognition evidence they may have. The tone of the interviews will be relaxed and informal with the candidate encouraged to tell their story.

Nominate now 

The Innovators Award recognises  an individual, team or organisation that has implemented a new technology, workflow or business model. The innovation should be at minimum a regional first and preferably a global first. The applicant should describe the innovation and the problem it addresses or value it creates.

The award winner is to be determined through an interview process, with a panel of SMPTE Board appointed judges. Applicants are encouraged to present their innovation at the interview along with any evidence of its successful use they may have. Applicants should provide at least one referee to validate their claim. Tone of the interviews will be relaxed and informal with the applicant encouraged to tell their story.

Nominate now 

The Industry Builder Award recognises individuals or organisations that have given back to the industry or enabled the industry to grow through demonstrated commitment, ideas, drive and strong personal values.

Applications will exclude current serving members of the SMPTE board. The award winner is to be determined by a panel of at least two experienced judges appointed by the SMPTE board. Nominations are encouraged to include details of the candidates work and any links to press coverage.

Nominate now 





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