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The On-Set Virtual Production Initiative

A Rapid Industry Solution, Facilitated by SMPTE

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Defining On-Set Virtual Production

Physical and digital worlds interact in real-time as they are composed and captured on set, using traditional production tools plus virtual and augmented reality, CGI and game-engine technologies.

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The On-Set Virtual Production initiative will be the first RIS from SMPTE.

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The first in the RIS program will focus on On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP).   Our new, agile initiative will focus on creating a portfolio of essential tools, including the development and curation of knowledge resources, that can help the industry tackle the complexities of OSVP.

OSVP is where the physical and digital worlds interact in real-time as they are composed and captured on set, by combining traditional production tools with virtual and augmented reality, CGI, and game-engine technologies.  It is the future of content creation!

Using SMPTE’s new Rapid Industry Solutions (RIS) program, we aim to get to the solutions that enable the industry to work more efficiently.

Updated: June 3, 2023



2021 On-Set Virtual Production  

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The Complex Challenges of On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP)

Developing the tools to understand and implement this convergence of 

Our in-depth discussions with all aspects of the OSVP pipeline uncovered a number of hurdles preventing many from deploying these new content creation technologies that we wish to tackle, including:

  • Interoperability and Connectivity Difficulties. With an ecosystem still in technical and creative flux, input/output difficulties among components, the fact that a majority of systems are proprietary, and a lack of recommended engineering standards, addressing these are the first and foremost priorities.
  • Lack of Resources. The scarcities of available trained crew and stages, as well as hardware, software, components and content are another large stumbling block.
  • Education and Training Gap. There is a large lack of education for both media and entertainment professionals, and game engine technicians, as well as cross-training between the two disciplines.  Business leaders may also lack an understanding of the costs, benefits and resources involved.

Results of this effort will be made freely available to the industry.  Join us!

Those interested are welcome to join us in this work. 

Want to participate? Join us!



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