SMPTE Governance.

At its Annual General Membership Meeting held on 27 October 2010, the SMPTE membership voted overwhelmingly to approve new Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.  

Since that time, the Society has developed a set of contemporary manuals that form the basis of the Society’s policies of operation.  The Operations Manuals are Governance OM, Education OM, Membership OM, Standards OM and Finance/Administration OM.  These Operations Manuals are designed to accurately reflect the Society’s manner of business today and into the future;  they must be approved by the Board of Governors. 

About the Board of Governors

Board of Governors Policy Documents

Articles of Incorporation (2010)

Society Bylaws (2010)

Operations Manuals:

Administrative Guidelines:
The implementation of the Standards Operations Manual is covered by a number of Administrative Guidelines that change more frequently to address Operational concerns. To do work in SMPTE, you need to create a Project for each document created. Finally, SMPTE's visual look is governed by a SMPTE Style Guide.

AG-01 Technology-Committees - the big list
AG-02 Engineering Documents - how to format and package them
AG-03 Normative References - what can a standard reference?
AG-04 SMPTE ST-RP Document Template - a .docx you can modify
AG-04 SMPTE EG Document Template - a .docx you can modify
AG-05 XML Schema - guidance for management, namespaces etc.
AG-06 New Project Worksheet - fill this in and send it to a chair to start work
AG-07 Flow Charts - a visual guide to the due process
AG-08 Patent Statement - complete this if you know of IPR (existing statement list)
AG-10b Liaisons - Organisations with official liaisons
AG-12 SMPTE Attendance Policy - agree to this to attend meetings (audio version, video version)
AG-14 SMPTE Standards Participation Agreement
AG-15 SMPTE Guest Participation Agreement
AG-18 Metadata Registers - the process for adding your values to smpte-ra
AG-22 Technical Specifications - The procedure, worksheet and fees