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Rapid Industry Solutions

We’ve developed a new type of initiative: the Rapid Industry Solution (RIS).

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We’ve developed a new type of initiative: the Rapid Industry Solution (RiS).

SMPTE has always been committed to providing the Media and Entertainment industry with tools, standards and education on emerging technologies. Now, because today’s environment requires us to operate with greater agility in responding to technology challenges, we’ve developed a new type of SMPTE initiative: the Rapid Industry Solution.

The Best Minds in the Industry

Developing the tools to understand and implement this convergence of technologies will require the best minds in the industry to deliver rapid solutions. We’re beginning by establishing an Advisory Group drawing from emerging technology companies, traditional production users, manufacturers, educational institutions and professional organizations, who together have the expertise to solve these complex challenges.

The Challenges and Goals
Our discussions with groups and individuals in the On-Site Virtual Production pipeline have already uncovered numerous hurdles to address, including a gap in both professional and business education, interoperability and connectivity problems, and a broad lack of resources. So, we’ll create training for general education, professional development, and business planning and scheduling, building on SMPTE’s long expertise in technical education as well as existing offerings from industry partners. We’ll prioritize establishing interoperability, workflows and best practices, as well as a unifying common language. Throughout the entire process, we’ll operate with a dedicated project manager and a more flexible technology review model outside the existing SMPTE standards framework for a faster response.

Results Open and Free to the Industry
All technical work resulting from the On-Site Virtual Production initiative, including interoperability specifications, workflows and best practices, will be open and free to the industry, as will some educational courses and webcasts. These benefits will extend across the entire breadth of the field, including creative, technical and business individuals and organizations focused on hardware, software and every type of service, as well as the global educational community.

A Model for New Agile Initiatives
On-Site Virtual Production is one of the most quickly developing technologies in Media and Entertainment, and SMPTE recognizes that this demands a fast-track response. This first of our new agile initiatives is designed to begin delivering results to the industry within a year, while it also serves to test and validate the model of Rapid Industry Solutions for addressing other rapidly-evolving technologies in Media and Entertainment.

2021 On-Set Virtual Production Wall Chart

Updated: July 27, 2022

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