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    Technology Committee
    Outcome Reports

    Technology Committee Meetings

    SMPTE Standards Community Participation

    Quarterly reports summarizing the most recent block meetings:

    Report from December 2021 hosted by SMPTE Online

    Report from August 2021 hosted by SMPTE Online

    Report from June 2021 hosted by SMPTE Online.

    Report from March 2021 hosted by SMPTE Online.

    Report from December 2020 hosted by SMPTE Online (was planned to be Disney, Burbank, CA, USA)

    Report from September 2020 hosted by SMPTE Online (was planned to be EBU, Geneva, CH)

    Report from June 2020 hosted virtually by SMPTE Online (was planned to be AWS, Portland, OR, USA)

    Report from March 2020 hosted by Whistling Woods Film School, Mumbai, India

    Standards Quarterly Report

    The Standards Quarterly Report summarizes the current progress of SMPTE Technology Committees that are working to create, approve, revise, and remove standards for the industry.

    The report is helpful for:

    • Members who participate actively in the Standards Community, and need a quick reference source.
    • Members who participate and were unable to attend a particular TC meeting.
    • Members who follow what is happening in the Standards Community to identify key issues.
    • Members and non-members who have no idea what is taking place in the Standards Community and would like to learn more.

    Please let us know what you think, and forward any suggestions for improvement to the Thomas Bause Mason Director of Standards Development.