Board of Governors Represent Leaders in the Industry

The SMPTE Board of Governors is made up of Board officers, Regional Governors and Directors of specific areas including Standards, Education and Editorial.  Elections are held annually with a rotating term set per member.

2014 Board Officers

President,  2013-2014
Wendy Aylsworth
Warner Bros.




Past President, 2013-2014
Peter Lude
Mission Rock Digital LLC


Executive Vice President, 2013-2014
Robert P. Seidel
CBS, Inc.




Standards Vice President, 2014-2015
Alan Lambshead




Education Vice President, 2013-2014
Patrick Griffis
Dolby Laboratories




Finance Vice President, 2014-2015
Matthew Goldman



Membership Vice President, 2014-2015
Paul Michael Stechly
Applied Electronics Ltd.



Secretary/Treasurer, 2013-2014
Peter Wharton
Miranda Technologies, Inc.





2014 Board Governors

Canadian Region, 2014-2015
Randy Conrod
Harris Corp.




Canadian Region, 2013-2014
Pierre Marion
CBC - Radio-Canada


Central Region, 2013-2014
William T. Hayes
Iowa Public Television




Eastern Region, 2013-2014
John McCoskey


Eastern Region, 2014-2015
Karl Kuhn
Tektronix, Inc.





Hollywood Region, 2014-2015
Paul Chapman
Foto-Kem Industries Inc.




Hollywood Region, 2013-2014
Leon D. Silverman
The Walt Disney Studios




Hollywood Region, 2013-2014
Clyde Smith
Fox Networks Engineering and Operations




New York Region, 2014-2015
John Ferder
CBS, Inc.




New York Region, 2013-2014
William C. Miller
Miltag Media Technology, LLC



Southern Region, 2014-2015
Dan Burnett
Ericsson Television, Inc.



Southern Region, 2013-2014
T.J. Scott, Jr.
Grass Valley



Western Region, 2013-2014
Sara J. Kudrle
MIranda Technologies




Western Region, 2014-2015
Mark Narveson
Patterson & Sheridan LLP




Asia / Australia Region, 2014
KL Lam
Hong Kong Cable TV Ltd. (Retired)




Asia / Australia Region, 2014-2015
John Maizels
Entropy Enterprises and Productions





Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Central & South America Region, 2014-2015
Richard Welsh
Sundog Media Toolkit




Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Central & South America Region, 2013-2014
Angelo D'Alessio
Cine Design Group




2014 Board Directors

Standards Directors

Bob Edge
Bob Edge TV Consulting





Oliver Morgan





Howard Lukk





Education Directors

V. Michael Bove
MIT Media Laboratory





Michael DeValue
Walt Disney Studios




Al Kovalick
Media Systems Consulting






Peter Putman
ROAM Consulting L.L.C.





Membership Directors

William C. Miller
Miltag Media Technology, LLC




Karl Kuhn
Tektronix Inc.





Bruce Devlin
Amberfin Ltd








History of SMPTE Presidents

List of past SMPTE Presidents