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Welcome to the SMPTE Ohio Section Website!

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On behalf of the membership of the Ohio Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and  the section leadership, chapter chair and managers, I want to welcome you all to our new Web page and explain a bit about its workings and development.

The concept was born out of the fact that in recent years there has been a malaise within our membership group and your management team wanted to provide a method of communications to and from the membership and to provide a medium for members to contact each other to discuss issues, common problems and opportunities for professional growth and enhancement of the SMPTE chapter.

All the appropriate contact information is contained with the web pages and since none of us are bashful, we intend to get requests and ideas to make the chapter more appealing and useful, as it was originally intended.

We have teamed with the Columbus Chapter 52 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers to enhance both organizations.  We share expenses and have developed camaraderie of purpose in the development of meeting topics and locations.  As you are all aware, our section is diverse in geography and the ride to Columbus is a bit of a stretch time wise and financially but it has worked to a degree these past two years.  We would like to expand our meeting locations and would welcome some input as to where and when the meetings would generate the best attendance.  We would like to know what topics you feel are important for presentation and discussion.

Take some time to review our web efforts and offer any constructive comments to make it more useful and user friendly.  It is and will be a work in progress and will evolve to fit the needs of the Ohio Section.

If there is anything I can do to enhance your membership, feel free to contact me via the web or directly via my e-mail  johno@qcom1.com  and I look forward to your participation in upcoming months.

John R. Owen
Ohio Section Chair, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers