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Welcome to the SMPTE Ohio Section Website!

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On behalf of the membership of the Ohio Section of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers and  the section leadership, chapter chair and managers, I want to welcome you all to our new Web page and explain a bit about its workings and development.

The concept was born out of the fact that in recent years there has been a malaise within our membership group and your management team wanted to provide a method of communications to and from the membership and to provide a medium for members to contact each other to discuss issues, common problems and opportunities for professional growth and enhancement of the SMPTE chapter.

All the appropriate contact information is contained with the web pages and since none of us are bashful, we intend to get requests and ideas to make the chapter more appealing and useful, as it was originally intended.

We have teamed with the Columbus Chapter 52 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers to enhance both organizations.  We share expenses and have developed camaraderie of purpose in the development of meeting topics and locations.  As you are all aware, our section is diverse in geography and the ride to Columbus is a bit of a stretch time wise and financially but it has worked to a degree these past two years.  We would like to expand our meeting locations and would welcome some input as to where and when the meetings would generate the best attendance.  We would like to know what topics you feel are important for presentation and discussion.

Take some time to review our web efforts and offer any constructive comments to make it more useful and user friendly.  It is and will be a work in progress and will evolve to fit the needs of the Ohio Section.

If there is anything I can do to enhance your membership, feel free to contact me via the web or directly via my e-mail  johno@qcom1.com  and I look forward to your participation in upcoming months.

John R. Owen
Ohio Section Chair, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Upcoming Events

Section Meeting

Friday, 2024 July 26 at WCMH


Summer Season Greetings to everyone! Our next Ohio Section combined meeting along with the Central Ohio SBE Chapter 52, will take place on Friday, July 26th, 2024 at the WCMH Television Studio Plant located at, 3165 Olentangy River Road, Columbus OH 43202.
The always popular Refreshments/Social period begins at 7PM, followed by the meeting at 7:30 PM. There will be ample FREE visitor parking available to everyone located on the surface lots next to the right side of the building complex.
Our meeting host for the evening will be Andy Mika, Chief Engineer, WCMH Television. Key topics to be covered during the meeting include:
 1.) The WCMH 75 year TV broadcast history celebration currently going on this year at the station! You’ll have a rare opportunity to view several archival historical photos of station engineering operations over the years as well as, several recently discovered historical trade paper publication articles. A discussion of the various pioneering broadcast engineering achievements and upgrades which have taken place in the past in the engineering department such as, the first broadcast TV station on the air in Columbus, the first ALL ELECTRONIC COMPATIBLE color TV broadcast in Columbus, the first compatible MTS Stereo audio local origination and network pass through broadcast, just to name a few!
 2.) Also to be discussed will be the special streaming arrangement from NBC to WCMH master control of their dedicated 4K/HDR video pass through feed to several area OTT Streaming channels, etc. of the NBC Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games coverage! That will be in addition to the legacy NBC standard broadcast 1080i HD video resolution feed. Following those discussions a guided tour will then begin of the station’s engineering department facilities including, the Master Control room where meeting attendees will have a unique opportunity to view a portion of the opening ceremonies of the Paris 2024 Summer Olympic Games on a special high end 4K/HDR monitor as that feed is being sent to WCMH from NBC!
This will be one meeting this year not to miss! Hope to see everyone there and please note, our meeting will be on a Friday this month!


Section Meetings

June 2023 Meeting Recap

On 29 June 2023, our evening meeting took place at the new ultra-modern WOSU Public Media plant, located across the street from the main campus of the Ohio State University in Columbus. Mike Meadows, the director of technology, began his presentation to the group by narrating detailed video slides outlining key architectural and construction phases of their building project, leading to their grand opening last year! He mentioned that it was a “grounds up” effort where all of the key parties involved were mandated to successfully overcome a variety of complex issues within a certain timeline and budget, starting from the original project leading all of the way to the completion! Following Meadows’ clear and interesting presentation, he gave the members and guests in attendance a comprehensive tour of their new and in some instances futuristic, facilities. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of their new facilities is their unique ability to more physically and conveniently accommodate their employees with a broader range of workplace needs and solutions, even exceeding many National & Local employee standards and practices! The WOSU complex is one of the most advanced and cutting-edge PBS/NPR/PUBLIC MEDIA facilities anywhere in the country! After the tour, the meeting adjourned.—Gene Batey, Secretary/Treasurer

Ohio EVent

Date: Thursday, 29 June 2023

Time 7PM - Refreshments, 7:30PM Meeting

Venue: WOSU Public Media plant located at 1800 North Pearl Street, Columbus OH 43201

Presenter: Mike Meadows, Director of Technology for WOSU Public Media

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