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    Migrate to the
    Knowledge Network (SKN)

    The SMPTE Standards Community (SC) will move away from its current collaborative standards development platform that has caused us so many issues. Our new home will be the first steps in an initiative called the SMPTE Knowledge Network (SKN). Our goal is to migrate to the use of tools that allow controlled access to SMPTE workings across every aspect of the SMPTE organization.

    The first step will be to replace the OLC platform with a suite of generic, maintained and readily available business tools consisting of Microsoft 365 and GitHub accessed through a consistent Microsoft Teams interface. Going forward we will do as much as we can of our standards development work in the generic Microsoft Teams and GitHub tools. 


    TC Meetings from the 7th to the 10th of December 2020:
    • We will conduct the business for our December TC meetings on OLC as we did during past TC meetings. Instead of GoToMeeting we will use Microsoft Teams. GoToMeeting will be available as backup if needed. No work is supposed to happen on Microsoft Teams.
    OLC Black-Out period from the 14th to the 20th of December 2020:
    • SMPTE HQ will use this week to move all documents from OLC to Teams, setup the group rosters and P-Member list, establish projects and action items.
    • SMPTE HQ will backup all data which can be exported from OLC to EXCEL spreadsheets. This includes:
      • Documents: All documents will be downloaded from OLC and placed in a folder structure on MS Teams that will reflect the folder structure from OLC
      • Ballots: All ballots will be exported to an EXCEL spreadsheet
      • Comments: All comments will be exported to an EXCEL spreadsheet
      • Projects: All active and inactive projects will be exported to an EXCEL spreadsheet
      • Project Activities: All project activities for active and inactive projects
    • SMPTE HQ will secure an SQL Database backup from our current platform vendor which will contain all the above data as well as data which cannot be easily extracted from SMPTE OLC (like Events and Emails). We are working with volunteers to make the SQL backup more easily available to SC members.

    Soft switch-over period from 21st of December 2020 to the 10th of January 2021:

    • All official SMPTE business will be conducted on MS 365, MS Teams and GitHub. During this period the SMPTE OLC is still available to all members but no work should be conducted there. The OLC is only available for read only access.

    Hard switch-over period from 11th to the 31st of January 2021:

    • All official SMPTE business will be conducted on MS 365, MS Teams and GitHub. During this period, the SMPTE OLC is still available to SMPTE HQ only and no work should be conducted there.

    Contract with current platform provider will end ends 31st of January 2021

    Move to the Knowledge Network (SKN)

    This change will provide us with modern interfaces, better performance, API access to our data, and should result in a flexible, searchable system to address our future needs for standards development.

    • More software development focused projects and away from monolithic specialized software applications
    • Move to commodity, microservices based applications in the cloud
    • Improvements in performance Larger feature set which can be controlled by SMPTE Flexible structure with easily swappable applications
    • Searchability of the different tools
    • Improved API access to tools
    • Cost reduction

    We indent to build a minimal viable platform by the switch-over point in January 2021 .

    This document will be continuously updated to provide guidance on how the SMPTE due process is implemented in Microsoft 365 (MS 365), Teams, GitHub and any other applications which form the SMPTE platform.

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