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Welcome to the UK Section serving all who are working with the technology of moving pictures
and associated sound & metadata
– creatively, practically and innovatively in any format, and on any platform.

SMPTE in the UK is a success and has grown in what it does and who it serves over the past 4 years
since reforming – and is now the third largest section in SMPTE with over 580 members active
in the industries we cover -- including students drawn for universities across the UK.

In October 2015  the SMPTE established the UK Region meaning that
we have a Governor - Bruce Devlin Chief Media Scientist Dalet & Mr MXF speaking for the UK
on the highest Board in SMPTE. Read about the Sections growth
So we would like you to be part of our success by your involvement –

Join in our success  

  • Meeting others working in our industries  -  that what SMPTE meetings are all about  
  • Receiving the Motion  Imaging Journal (not associate members) howto
    -  full of the latest  techniques and news from SMPTE sections around the World
  • Participating the Technology relevant webcasts  at no Charge
  • Access our archive - Look back over SMPTEs work over the past 100 years 
  • Attending events   conferences and Courses at member discount rates
    – you can easily save your subscription (and it can be offset against tax)
  • Discounts on conference papers, proceedings and Standards in the SMPTE Digital Library
  • Getting Preferential booking for our meetings
  • Supporting those joining our industries through the Graduate Initiative
  • Taking part in standards work  and directing the way our industries move
  • Just being an active member of the world’s largest Members society for those working with the moving image, its audio and metadata- on any platform - Film, Television , Digital media

At only $145 – about £120 tax deductible - you get so much – and an opportunity to enhance your career..... And put you in touch with others working across the creative and video industries of the UK. and recent Graduates get a discount!
  (Student members free  then just $10 £7 a year) 

 It is really very easy – just Join us and Join in today

We need everyone to just do that little bit extra to take SMPTE across the UK to even greater things – and to reflect and support the breadth of the industries in the UK and your locality

If you need any help or have ideas on how we can do better just contact us - by email or at a meeting


SMPTE UK Section is reinforcing the tradition of meeting over ample refreshments for some time, before welcoming the speaker at our regular Thursday evening gatherings.

Non-members can attend our meetings, from time to time, free of charge.
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We look forward to welcoming you at our next meeting

SMPTE Graduate Initiative - extended

SMPTE is extending its UK Graduate initiative to include all those Graduates working for
SMPTE sustaining members – as well as recently graduated SMPTE student members.  

The Initiative provides support and advice to graduates as they establish their careers
- with a group of six members from the main industry sectors who are from 2 to 17 years of graduating
 as well as by senior members of the SMPTE UK section.   The initiative also offers over a 50% discount
on first year dues-   about £45 (rather than £92), and 25% discount for the second year.

SMPTE UK Section enecourages companies to consider apprenticeships - more information -
and to use SMPTE meetings and events to grow their staff's knowledge and connections.

Here is our opportunity to show that SMPTE and its UK members is doing
something for the future of our industries “

NaSTA Logo NaSTA the  The National Student Television Association, is  a representative body designed and governed by student television for student television.
Student Television itself has been active in the UK since 1964.

SMPTE UK is providing the funding for the NaSTA technology award and
is  providing   technical help for those who are operating Television
as they study ANY  subject and to show the range of skills knowledge
and experience required across the media industries.   

Join SMPTE as a Student member  free for first year

Find out more about SMPTE at BVE 14  Including How to become a Broadcast Engineer

And the presentation from the 9 November 2015   "Review of IBC15 "

Leeds Conference 16  - less technical - metadata and specifications  More Technical- UHD HDR etc and IP  

Birmingham Conference 17  Metadata and how not to loose your programmes 
and for the techies Video over IP from analogue to ST2110

Contact Peter Weitzel


UK section meetings and events

We require all to register for SMPTE UK Section events

We meet over Ample Refreshments for 45+minutes - formal business starts at 7pm