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Welcome to the UK Section serving all who are working with the technology of moving pictures
and associated sound & metadata
– creatively, practically and innovatively in any format, and on any platform.

We have been reformed for just three years and in that time we have grown to more than 460 members active in the industries we cover -- including students drawn for universities across the UK.

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SMPTE UK Section is reinforcing the tradition of meeting over ample refreshments for some time, before welcoming the speaker at our regular Thursday evening gatherings.

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SMPTE UK New managers appointed read about them

SMPTE Ltd – a company limited by guarantee - number 8676388 VAT Registered  197 9542 42

Registered Address:  5 Yeomans Court Ware Road Hertford SG13 7HJ

SMPTE Graduate Initiative

SMPTE announces that they will be offering Reduced Dues for Recent Graduates in the UK- and the UK section is giving support to those starting in our industries
Read about the Graduate Initiative and those Supporting it.

These escalator dues  will be offered to all SMPTE student  members  and those those new graduates working for SMPTE sustaining members who  graduated this year offering over a 50% discount on first year dues-   about £43 (rather than £89), and 25% discount for the second year .

The SMPTE UK Section is also providing support and advice to graduates as they establish their careers - with a group of six members from the main industry sectors who are from zero to 15 years of graduating as well as  by senior members of the SMPTE UK section.

Peter Weitzel Hon Secretary/Treasurer of the SMPTE UK Section said, “When the UK Section was reformed, in 2012, the founding managers were very keen ensuring that we served those starting to work in our industries.  We now have a very tangible means of doing this – but what is more important is for those established to meet speak and listen to those who are starting out. (Hear SMPTE Past President, Wendy Alysworth)

SMPTE meetings are the ideal forum for anyone from any area to find out what is happening –through   networking over ample refreshments as well hearing the excellent speakers and discussion”.  

“Here is our opportunity to show that SMPTE and its UK members is doing
something for the future of our industries “

NaSTA Logo NaSTA the  The National Student Television Association, is  a representative body designed and governed by student television for student television.
Student Television itself has been active in the UK since 1964.

NaSTA exists to not only draw new and existing student television stations together from across the United Kingdom, but also to provide the platform upon which stations can ask each other for advice, overcome problems and nurture a like-minded community of students & student television stations from across the country .

SMPTE UK is providing the funding for the NaSTA technology award and is o  providing   technical help for those who are operating Television as they study ANY  subject
and to show the range of skills knowledge and experience required across the media industries.   

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Find out more about SMPTE at BVE Including the slides from presentations


UK section meetings and events

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We meet over Ample Refreshments for 45+minutes - formal business starts at 7pm
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