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Rocky Mountain

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Section of SMPTE.

Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Section

We cover the States of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and most of Montana.

In 1999, Chapter 48 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Rocky Mountain Section of the Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers pooled their resources to become a leading provider of information and fellowship among broadcast engineers in the area.

While both SBE Chapter 48 and Rocky Mountain SMPTE retain their charters with their respective national organizations, the two groups provide a single monthly newsletter. Board members from both groups work together to provide informative monthly seminars and maintain this site, in addition to the companion web site, www.smpte-sbe48.org.


Join us Thursday April 14th 6pm MDT !Be sure to register here

The Tools of the Trade for the Future Storytellers

The future workflows and tools of visual storytelling are changing. The creative forces in school today will work in a vastly different landscape of tools and workflows from creatives of the past 30 years. Cloud based tools and workflows are just coming into existence. High school and collegiate creatives will know these emerging tools and processes as the standard of their craft when they enter the workforce. Vendors would like to empower the voices of creatives five and ten years into the future by working with them to tell their story today and allow insight into what their, and our, industry future holds

Panel:Oakley Anderson-MooreOakley Anderson-Moore is an award-winning filmmaker. She is originally from the small town of Ellensburg, Washington but spent half her childhood living abroad from Brazil to the Philippines; this mixed looking glass guides her style of storytelling. Her documentary debut “Brave New Wild,” one of ten accepted into the IFP Independent Documentary, is currently playing on Public Television. She is a feature writer at Nofilmschool.com, covering anything from how to build a Hackintosh to interviewing and podcasting with icons like Nick Offerman and Robert Duvall. In 2018, Oakley started Kinlani Film Project, an after-school film making internship at Flagstaff Bordertown Dorm where Dine’/Navajo and Hopi teenagers learn to make movies.


David HoffmanAs Business Development Manager for the Americas at Blackmagic Design, David focuses his efforts on expanding the use of the creative tools for visual media production. His passion for innovation and technology are paired with his respect for craft and storytelling. David’s career spans over 25 years in visual arts and media production.  David started his professional journey in the early 1990’s as a documentary filmmaker working on various projects in and around the high performance military aircraft industry. The experience exposed him to the full gamut of the production workflow from cameras to post production.  David saw new and exciting prospects to visual storytelling through the emerging computer aided production technologies in the mid 1990’s. He worked on industry leading productions utilizing advanced composting and green screen technology in both broadcast and motion picture pre-visualization while working for Discreet Logic, later Autodesk Media & Entertainment. In the early 2000’s David was the project lead on the implementation of real-time graphics technology at CNBC and later NBCU, where in 2008 the use of fully immersive virtual set production was highlighted by NBC News coverage of the Presidential Election. David established his own technology and production company in 2010 and worked to provide the real time visual effect technologies he had help pioneer at the studio and network levels to a broader audience of users. He continued to innovate techniques and technologies in the virtual production market leading up to his current role with Blackmagic Design.

Zach WillnerZach is a Senior Partner Solutions Architect for Media and Entertainment, focusing on Content Production at AWS. His role is building a diverse ecosystem of partners on AWS for Media and Entertainment. Zach has 10+ years broadcast systems engineering experience, and more recently has worked with feature productions to build cloud enabled post workflows.

If you have any topics you'd like to have presented at an upcoming meeting please reply to this email with your ideas.

Please visit our website at www.smpte-sbe48.org 

Past Events

April 14, 2022

Rocky Mountain Section

MPTE/SBE Rocky Mountain - Tools of the Trade for the Future Storytellers
January 19, 2022

SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section January Meeting

Surviving Remote Broadcasting During a Pandemic
October 20, 2021

SMPTE/SBE Rocky Mountain - Drones in Broadcast

Join us October 20 at 6:30pm to hear about drones in broadcast.
September 23, 2021

Rocky Mountain September 23 Meeting

Join us September 23 at 6:00pm to hear about the future of virtual production Virtual Production a term that has grown exponentially since the release of The Mandalorian. While the concept of Virtual Production has existed for years, the pandemic combined with the Firestarter of success by the new Star Wars streaming series, has led to a renaissance in digital filmmaking. Epic Games is at the forefront of this activity and is investing in a training series called “The Epic Games Virtual Production Fellowship” where they are training creatives and technologists how to leverage Unreal Engine, a game engine to redefine the content production workflow for film and television creation. Please join Erik Weaver, Konstantin Wilms and our host Jack Wenzinger who have all been through the Epic Games Fellowship and will discuss the experience, the industry under change and the future of content production. Screen Shot 2021-09-14 at 10.21.41 AM This will be an online-only meeting over Zoom. Please register here to get the Zoom link.
August 18, 2021

Rocky Mountain August 18 Meeting

Join us August 18 at 6:30pm as we have Greg Martin of Rohde & Schwarz speak to us about Price vs Cost when considering DTV or FM transmitter options. He will be highlighting the advantages of liquid cooled vs air cooled solutions
July 23, 2021

Summer Picnic at Lookout Mountain

It's been far too long! Come out, grab some BBQ, and reconnect with friends and colleagues. Please bring your own chair!
July 21, 2021

SMPTE Rocky Mountain SBE-48 Radio Astronomy

July 21 we will have Ray Uberecken and Bill Miller tell us about Radio Astronomy. We hope you will join us for this unique meeting.
May 13, 2021

Rocky Mountain - A Brief History of the Second

Rocky Mountain - A Brief History of the Second
April 28, 2021

Rocky Mountain HPA 2021 Found Lederhosen: Production in the Cloud

Found Lederhosen ins a thought leadership project performed by the Hollywood Professional Association that presented several creative projects that required global collaboration in the cloud. Hear the stories and technical challenges from the project on how innovation and anxiety come together to support creatives, subject matter experts and production technologies.
February 11, 2021

Webinar Microservices and Media - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This will be a free-flowing and entertaining panel discussion about the real world of micro services in our business. Are they the panacea the many would have you believe? What are the big gotchas you need to be aware of? How is the industry doing with deploying micro services, and how can this be done in a way that works across vendors and platforms?
January 19, 2021

Webinar: Do We Need a Control Plane Standard for ST 2110?

ST 2110 has gotten a lot of attention of late, but one of the big open questions that remains to be answered is whether standardization of a control plane is something is needed? Join what promises to be a lively debate! Bring your strong opinions.