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SMPTE Presents Met.Expo.2024

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Washington DC Section

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The Washington D.C. section of SMPTE includes society members from the Washington/Baltimore metropolitan area as well as members in the Tidewater, Virginia and other nearby regions.
Section Officers include a chair, a secretary/ treasurer and six managers. There are also other volunteer positions such as Program, Membership and Publicity Chairs.
Our regular meeting is the third Thursday of the month at 7pm ET.  Check below for the latest update, and 
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Thank you to all our members, friends, and sponsors for participating in our 2023 meetings.
We are planning an exciting 2024.  If you have topics you would like us to cover, or want to ogranize an event yourself, reach out to managers@smptedc.org!

Upcoming Events...

February 15, 2024 5:30P Fractional Frame Rates: How Do We End Them?Presented by: DC SMPTE and SBE 3

Sponsored by Evertz & Hitachi

Registration required via Zoom (link) for both remote and in person attendees to for food order! 

5:30 Light Food and optional facility tour 6:30 Meeting start (org business, etc)
6:45 Presentation
9:00 End

This will be a hybrid meeting (in person and zoom).  Zoom channel to open at 6 pm for chit chat and fellowship.Three highly esteemed industry expert presenters:

weiss wenocur   snyder
Merrill Weiss (virtual)            Eric Wenocur           James Snyder (in person) 
 In the U.S. we have been living with the 29.97fps video frame rate since the advent of color in 1953. This legacy of NTSC analog television is so deeply ingrained in all aspects of broadcast and production operations that it's often forgotten or taken for granted. When we say we're shooting at 30, it's almost always 29.97 or 59.94.

The current state of affairs has many downsides, including the continued need for drop-frame timecode, the need for complex conversion between fractional rates and the 25/50fps used in most of the world, and extra expense required in production & distribution channels. Every stage of media production and delivery is prone to confusion and technical errors that can be both embarrassing and costly.

Fractional frame rates persist due to the vast archive of existing content, the need for broadcasters to maintain 24/7 operation in a known environment, and simply because it's the way things are. Modern equipment and production software may not even provide an option to use integer (30/60) rates for recording or display.

Fortunately, what were technical hurdles in the analog era are no longer a barrier. It’s time to examine practical solutions to phase out fractional. What are the technical, management and financial considerations to adopt integer frame rates across the industry? This meeting will serve as an introduction to the topic, with a planned two day related conference this summer!

Fairfax County Government Center & Channel 16 Studios
J. Hamilton Conference Center, Rooms 4/5
12000 Government Center Parkway
Fairfax, VA 22035 United States
Ample Free parking on-site
To access Conference rooms 4/5:
Enter the center of the building and pass the information desk. Turn LEFT, in FRONT of the elevators. Conf. Rooms 4/5 will be on the RIGHT about 75ft from the elevators.
Or follow the plentiful signs

March 19, 2024 11a-2pm WKHS 90.5 Worton, MD -  SBE/SMPTE/MEDIA FOWARD

Address: 90.5 WKHS Public Radio 25301 Lambs Meadow Rd., Worton 21678, Maryland

Registration preferred (link). This is in personWe are using Zoom just for registration.

This SBE 37 / DC SMPTE meeting is in cooperation with SBE 46 - Baltimore.

Join us to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of instruction of broadcast students at the high school.  Plus interaction and short speeches to the students, plus a station tour, plus a bit of air time allowing the students to interview a few members live on air.  We are also celebrating the SBE operator certification as being added to the curriculum for credence to the program in the education certification realm. This event will be on the Eastern Shore. Stay tuned for specific location and registration.

The WKHS radio station is owned by the board of education of Kent County and this week of Tuesday March 19th will commemorate 50 years or operation of this unique broadcast training program.  WHHS is a class B1 full power FM station in the Baltimore DMA, with all facets operated by students and community volunteers.  WKHS is one of the very few high power stations in the country with great success rate of employment to hundreds still in industry, including our own DC market engineer Fred Willard of Televisa/Univision.  The station puts solid grade B signal into Baltimore city and has an omnidirectional reception radius of 60 miles.

This studio site is about a 70 mile (1 ½ hour) drive from either the Baltimore or DC Beltways. If you can, take some time off and make an impression and share your wisdom and life experience with a young student.  The young are impressionable and perhaps you’ll make a real imprint in guiding the future leaders of our industry.

The station is within the Kent County High School campus.  Turning off MD route 298 into the school drive way, keep straight past the school’s main entrance to the rear parking lot.  Then look to your left for MEDIA FORWARD signs and the unremarkable double doors leading to the station, inside and to your right. 


 Let's hear from you! Members and friends of SMPTE-DC, what topics would you like to learn about? 

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