High Dynamic Range for HD & UHD
TV Real World Considerations

Presenter Matthew Goldman
Senior Vice President Technology
Where: Turner Broadcasting
1000 Techwood Drive
Atlanta, GA  30318
Date: August 10, 2015
Time: Dinner     6:30 PM
Meeting   7:15 PM

Ultra HD is all about revolutionizing the consumer viewing experience, but while today’s new 4K UHDTVs offer four times the picture resolution of HDTV, there is a need to provide the best possible on-screen contrast and color palette to realize a more immersive viewing experience.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) video has emerged as a complementary technology that is applicable to both UHDTV and HDTV. As HDR video becomes more commonplace, it will necessarily require changes that affect the entire content flow from capture through production to display.

The choice of technologies used to represent HDR video will affect the complexity, and consequently the cost and availability, of HDR content to subscribers. This presentation will give an overview of “HDR+” – the combined combination of HDR + wide color gamut + 10-bit sample precision. It will then cover issues related to the HDR electro-optical transfer function (EOTF) and the impact of HDR+ on existing workflows.

About the presenter:
Matthew Goldman is Senior Vice President Technology, TV Compression, at Ericsson, where he is focused on video compression related products and solutions. He has been actively involved in the development of DTV systems since 1992.
He was a prominent participant in the Moving Picture Experts Group where he helped create the MPEG-2 Systems standard, and he has continued to be influential in other industry organizations including the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, the Advanced Television Systems Committee, the Digital Video Broadcasting project and the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers. Four of his projects have been later recognized by Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards.
Mr. Goldman received bachelor (high honors) and master of sciences degrees in electrical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He holds six patents related to digital video transport. A SMPTE Fellow, he is also a senior member of the IEEE and an inductee of the Academy of Digital Television Pioneers. Mr. Goldman is currently serving as Executive Vice President on the SMPTE Board of Governors.

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