AES - SBE - SMPTE - SSPI Joint Meeting

NAB 2014 Review

Turner Techwood Campus - 1015 Bldg
Monday April 21, 2014
Dinner: 6:30 PM      Meeting: 7:15 PM
This meeting will feature a panel of NAB attendees representing each of our groups and will also include Mr. Hugo Gaggioni, Chief Technical Officer from Sony, joining us from Florida via teleconference. Join us as we share observations on new technologies, new products, new workflows, and new ideas. Sign up via EventBrite with this link. You will be given an option of signing up to attend in Orlando, attending in Atlanta, or watching the meeting via streaming. You must sign up in advance. If you don't have an EventBrite 'account' you can create one by going here.  A map for Atlanta is provided at the EventBrite signup site.

Future Meetings (Tentative):

May:  Audio for Cinema

June:  IP-Based Routing Infrastructure

July:  CDN's

August: NASA Revisited

The above are tentative... Stay tuned for more details