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Mark Your Calendar! April 26th booth selection meeting for MTS2024

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8 April, 2024:  The Basics of Audio/Visual Preservation

April Meeting: The Basics of Audio/Visual Preservation

Audio/Visual recordings have been created since the 1880s, meaning almost 150 years of recorded content now exists. But nothing lasts forever, and with the hundreds of millions of audio, video, and film recordings around the globe there is a very real chance large quantities of important, one-of-a-kind content will be lost to history.

Media digitization has become critical to both revenue models and cultural preservation, with affordable media migration, workflows, and dataset design key to assuring humanity's important recordings survive their original fragile physical recordings.

James Snyder and Lance Watsky have been involved in organized, large-scale media preservation for decades. They will walk us through how to design and execute successful audiovisual digitization, and assure the data survives for generations to come. They will show examples of digitization, including and example of high-quality, lower cost film scanning are now available. Come join us in asking your media preservation questions.

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7:15 PM - Presentation


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