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HDR Technology and Workflows for Media and Entertainment

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High Dynamic Range - Course Preview | SMPTE- For Members Only 

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Independent Study

January 10, 2022 - December 2, 2022

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Spring Sale 20% off Use Code PD2022Spring

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Course Overview

Instructor Pierre Hugues Routhier

Intended Audience:

  • Engineers, Technicians and
    Software Developers working in the
    creation of professional media
  • Technical Managers working to
    design and deploy HDR systems in
    Broadcasting, Systems Design and

Prerequisites: Prerequisites: None, though SMPTE’s “Essentials of IP Media Transport for Broadcasters” course is recommended

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Key concepts and practical considerations from capture and mastering to delivery and display

High Dynamic Range has become a ubiquitous topic in almost any discussion of production and post-production, and a technology that’s crucial for Engineers, Technicians and their Managers to understand. HDR has been eagerly embraced across the industry for its ability to deliver a greater range of contrast and color detail, yet it also requires adaption throughout the end-to-end workflow, from lighting to capture, post-production, encoding, delivery and display. From this comprehensive course, you’ll take away a solid understanding of HDR  that will support your current work and open up possibilities for new roles and responsibilities. 

  • Deepen your knowledge of the physical properties of light and how it is perceived differently by our eyes, on film and with digital capture
  • Recognize the differences between HDR in capture and display, and make the right strategic decisions on cameras, display technologies and workflows for your needs
  • Understand the differences between lighting a scene for Theatrical HDR and Television HDR
  • Improve your ability to discuss the technical aspects of HDR and communicate effectively about related systems and workflows 
  • Increase your value to your organization with the skills needed to successfully implement HDR or improve existing HDR workflows