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Section Meeting

SMPTE Atlanta Section April Webinar

SMPTE Atlanta Section April Webinar

What: Rapid Industry Solutions (RIS) and On-Set Virtual Production

Date: 11 April, 2022

Time: 4 p.m. EDT

Join us!

Click this link at the time of the webinar to attend the event


SMPTE has always been committed to providing the Media and Entertainment industry with tools, standards and education on emerging technologies. Now, because today’s environment requires us to operate with greater agility in responding to technology challenges, we’ve developed a new type of SMPTE initiative: the Rapid Industry Solution.  The first RIS program focuses on On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP).   Our new, agile initiative will focus on creating a portfolio of essential tools, including the development and curation of knowledge resources, that can help the industry tackle the complexities of OSVP. 

Please join us Monday, April 11th  at 4pm to hear from Kari Grubin on both the RIS initiative itself and the activities to date of OSVP.