The Louis F. Wolf Memorial Scholarship Recipients


Matthew Ross Donato, Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY

Matthew Donato is currently enrolled in his final semester towards a degree in Motion Picture Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). His senior thesis work involves a critical look of the spectral power distribution of different high definition display primaries in order to identify inherent color differences between these displays. These efforts are aimed at uncovering effective calibration procedures and supporting SMPTE in the creation of a calibration standard for high definition displays. This past summer, Matthew held an imaging science internship at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences where he was responsible for investigating the effects of different viewing environments on the perception of imagery and how that may be integrated into color encoding. Prior to this experience, Matthew had the opportunity to work as a news editor for NBCUniversal, creating edited sequences to air alongside live news broadcast. Matthew has also received awards for short films from NASA and C-SPAN.



Victoria K. McGowen, Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY

Victoria McGowen is a third year Motion Picture Science undergraduate student who is also doing her Masters in Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Victoria has been involved with research on campus since the beginning of her freshman year. She first started working in the Multidisciplinary Vision Research Laboratory (MVRL) doing eye tracking, then collaborating with the MVRL and the linguistics department on a pilot study, and later joining the Perform Lab where virtual reality and motion capture are used to study predictive behavior. She is currently Lab Manager for the Perform Lab where she is working on a device to test the display latency of the lab’s systems and enabling a pipeline for full body motion capture. Along with her lab positions, Victoria is a Teaching Assistant for an intro to programming course in the Center of Imaging Science and on the executive board of three different student organizations; RIT’s SMPTE Student Chapter as Project Manager, SPIE’s Student Chapter as Treasurer, and RIT’s Imaging Science Club as Treasurer.



2013, Joshua P. Berkowitz, Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY

2012, Natalie Morningstar, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

2011, Alexander Michael Pagliaro, Rochester Institute of Technology - Rochester, NY

2009, Dillon Mercer Herbert, Auburn University - Auburn, AL

2008, Jeremy Mark Littler, Ryerson University - Toronto, Canada

2007, Matt Basford, Fountainhead College of Technology - Knoxville, TN

2006, Jacob Allen Nelson, University of Alabama in Huntsville - Huntsville, AL

2005, Benjamin Brunkhardt, UCLA - Los Angeles, CA

2002, Jeffrey Chong, Pasadena City College - Pasadena CA
            Francois Dompierre, University of Southern California - Los Angeles, CA
            Penny Kathryn Hicks, Bates Technical College - Tacoma, WA
            Antonio Páez, Temple University - Philadelphia, PA
            Kenneth Allan Young, Jr. (Kassa Zakadi), Pasadena City College - Pasadena CA

2001, Kenneth Allan Young, Jr. (Kassa Zakadi), Pasadena City College - Pasadena CA

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