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    The Society Citation Award Winners

    2017: Elizabeth “Betty” Migliore

    SMPTE 2017 Awards Recipients_Betty Migliore

    In recognition of her 45 years of service with SMPTE and her contributions to the standards program. A dedicated and loyal staff member, Migliore joined SMPTE in November of 1972 as secretary to the staff director of engineering. Over the years, she has been steadfast in supporting SMPTE’s standards work as engineering assistant and standards publisher, roles in which she actively supported document preparation for the SMPTE Technology Committees. In these roles, Migliore participated in advancing SMPTE’s standards publishing process from typewriter to CD-ROM to PDF and the digital library.

    Christopher Lennon
    For his work in standardizing the Broadcast eXchange Format (BXF).  The recently published BXF standard defines an XML representation for the exchange of data primarily among Program Management, Traffic, Automation, and Content Distribution systems. This type of a standard had been previously attempted by others, but always with proprietary methods that were not ultimately adopted by the community at large.  Mr. Lennon undertook an effort to create an open, non-proprietary standard.  He successfully achieved consensus on an array of issues, including determining a common format for associating all of the elements to time.  Mr. Lennon drove this effort forward in an efficient and rapid manner, effectively giving voice to all proponents’ needs, and persuasively harmonizing approaches to ensure all needs were accommodated.

    Stanley N. Baron
    For his innumerable contributions to SMPTE over his career, most recently including his extensive work in reviewing all papers from each year’s IBC conference, and recommending a core group of outstanding papers for publication in the Journal.    We have greatly benefited from Stan’s broad expertise and inexhaustible efforts in this filtering through this extensive body of work, to extract the best technical papers for SMPTE publication. 

    No Award Given.

    Laurence J. Thorpe

    For applying innovative perspectives, extraordinary tenacity and countless hours toward making the 2005 Conference one of the highest-rated papers programs in recent years. Charles S. Swartz, for his monumental efforts as a key participant to the D-Cinema vision, and for always ensuring that new standards maintain a premium consumer experience.

    Edgar A. Schuller

    For his ten years of dedicated service and leadership in directing the Archival Papers and Historical Committee.

    No Award Given.

    No Award Given.

    No Award Given.

    Margaret "Peggy" Sullivan Murnane

    In recognition of the dedication of her entire professional life and enormous contribution to the Society, which has profoundly influenced its work. Peggy Sullivan has served SMPTE in the role of National Standards Coordinator since 1954. Every SMPTE Standard, Recommended Practice, and Engineering Guideline issued in those 47 years has benefited from her editing. Working interactively with the experts on technical committees, she has ensured that the documents are grammatically correct, contain valid references, and are consistent in style. She has also been responsible for the voluminous correspondence required by ANSI in their standards approval process.

    LeRoy DeMarsh
    In recognition of his outstanding work and leadership over the past six years as Chairman of the Board of Editors. In that capacity, he has managed the volunteers who read and edit submissions for publication in the Journal, working closely with the professional staff in the Editorial Department to produce an award-winning publication. DeMarsh has been recognized by SMPTE a number of times for his accomplishments; he received the Journal Award in 1973, the Agfa-Gevaert Gold Medal Award in 1985, the Progress Medal Award in 1993, as well as the Journal Certificate Award in both 1992 and 1993.

    No award given.

    No award given.

    No award given.

    No award given.

    Frederick M. Remley

    Who will be completing 36 years of extremely active service to the Society's engineering committees. He is currently the chair of WG-ATVP. He also served as chairman of the Journal Board of Editors for over ten years.