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Kylee Peña


Kylee Peña    |USA - Hollywood Region Governor for a Two-Year Term, 1 January 2022 – 31 December 2023

Manager, Creative Technologies Program Management - Netflix

The past five years of my engagement with SMPTE has culminated in readying me to represent your interests and needs at this level. My experience with SMPTE has directly shaped my goals as Governor. I served on the ATC programming committee and chaired sessions which allowed me the opportunity to connect with the community’s most thoughtful minds. In 2020, I was conference programming co-chair, helping to rethink SMPTE engagement in a virtual environment. I served a two-year term as Hollywood Section Manager where I shaped and presented virtual engagement for younger talent. Currently, I manage the Creative Technologies Program Management Team at Netflix where I facilitate and coach teams of engineers through selecting the right projects and getting them done. I have a background in technical post-production, dailies, and editorial. I founded a non-profit called The Second Act Foundation which helps women pivot to STEM jobs. As Governor, I want to work toward making standards ratification faster and open, with more opportunities for mid-career professionals to engage. I will maintain inclusion and diversity as a key focus, holding SMPTE accountable while working to identify specific challenges and share progress through key indicators. And I want to keep educational opportunities accessible and applicable. Weaving these goals will maintain a highly engaged community of professionals helping each other create meaningful career paths in our industry, no matter what changes and challenges the future holds for us.