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2023 Media Technology Summit - Registration Open!

Powered by SMPTESMPTE is committed to enabling global education at all levels across the industry. One of the Society's strategic goals is to partner with other organizations in order to expand relevant opportunities for learning. The organizations below have partnered with SMPTE to extend the reach of their educational resources. "Powered by SMPTE", these organizations are the cornerstone of individual and organizational education and advancement.


IEEE BTS PULSE 13 -15 July-  Original Airdate: July 13, 2021

The PULSE event provides BTS with the opportunity to fulfill our integral role of industry information sharing. Get vital industry questions answered by top experts during a three-day virtual event hosted by the IEEE Broadcast Technology Society.

This three-day virtual event will host top experts covering technologies that are currently challenging the broadcast industry

IEEE BTS Webcast: Latest ATSC 3.0 Mobile Field Test using Diversity Receiver - Original Airdate: May 26, 2021

This webinar introduces the ATSC 3.0-based diversity receiver’s mobile performance under a well-designed SFN environment through extensive field tests. The field test shows the four- and two-antenna receivers have about 13 dB and 4.5 dB gain, respectively, compared to a single-antenna receiver in harsh metropolitan mobile conditions.

IEEE BTS Webcast: VVC: The new Versatile Video Coding standard - Original Airdate: April 21, 2021

VVC is the new generation of joint ISO/IEC MPEG / ITU-T VCEG video coding standard, successor to the successful HEVC and AVC (also called H.264) video coding standards. As with previous generations, VVC is based on a hybrid video coding design, and aims to offer up to 50% bitrate reduction at the same quality compared to HEVC. In addition, VVC has been designed to support newer and more versatile use cases, such as extraction or merging of image regions at the bitstream level or improved functionalities for streaming.

Classification of Audio Quality Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence- Original Airdate: March 24, 2021

IEEE BTS PULSE 2021 - Original Airdate: February 9, 2021

Be part of a collaborative working group actively driving the advancement of technology in the industry, hear the latest news from industry experts and ask the burning questions.

This three-day virtual event will host top industry experts covering technologies that are currently inspiring and propelling new solutions. https://bts.ieee.org/pulse/technical-program.html
Come hear the answers to these questions, your questions and more…

IEEE BTS Webinar  "5G Opportunities for Content Production” - Original Airdate: December 9, 2021

In the talk Dr. Pérez Guirao summarizes the work conducted over the past two and a half years within 3GPP, EBU and 5G-MAG working groups, for the development of 5G technology for content production. 

First, Dr. Pérez Guirao discusses content production use cases and their potential requirements to 5G. Although most of the use cases discussed are already possible with existing technologies, they may see a successive migration to 5G as far as it is able to provide an added value (e.g. cost reduction, simplification of workflows, interoperability) to involved stakeholders. Further use casesthat may be first enabled by 5G, will also be discussed. Further, Dr. Pérez Guirao will resume the standardization activities initiated by the content production community in 3GPP Rel-17 as well as the 5G-MAG activities to accelerate standards development and adoptionTo conclude the talk, Dr. Gómez Vaquero, as the project coordinator, will introduced the recently started 5G-RECORDS (https://5g-ppp.eu/5g-records/) project, a EU funded project which for the very first time brings together at a large scale the content production (PMSE) sector with the telecom sector.