Beyond the Skynet Myth: Discovering the Reality of How AI is Used Today in Content Creation & Distribution, and the Possibilities for Tomorrow

Thursday, 8 March 2018

1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST / 18:00 UTC/GMT

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just a concept for the future. Machine learning (the main technique underpinning AI) is already being used in the media industry to transform content creation and delivery.

Join Jason Brahms CEO of VideoGorillas, who use machine learning in their innovative media software, and Lydia Gregory co-founder of FeedForward, who bring together the cutting edge of machine learning research and businesses, as they explore the current AI media landscape and discuss where it is heading.

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Guest Speakers

Jalyn Kelley

Lydia Gregory is Co-Founder & Director of Business Strategy at FeedForward AI, a London-based artificial intelligence consultancy that enables businesses to use the cutting edge of machine-learning research to solve problems and discover new opportunities. She previously spent two years as Head of Growth at an A.I. music startup, leading them to win recognition within the creative community through powering advertising campaigns and winning a Cannes Innovation Lion.

She is particularly interested in the creative applications of machine learning and exploring bias within A.I. systems. She is a member of the British Interactive Media Association London Council.

Jason has 17+ years experience launching B2C and B2B platforms in the media/content industry. As CEO and Managing Partner at Video Gorillas (VG), Jason is responsible for defining and executing sales, marketing and product strategies across all VG products and services. Before VG, Jason was Vice President of Innovation and Advanced Solutions, where he oversaw product design, research, development and engineering for Sony Media Cloud Service’s cloud-based SAAS collaborative applications for creative professionals and content creators. Jason joined Sony Pictures Entertainment in 1998 starting in Corporate Development focusing on evangelizing and incubating ideas related to disruptive technology and new business models, including helping design, develop and launch the first IP VOD service, Movielink, where he assumed the role of Director of Content Acquisition and Operations. Jason has held multiple roles across various Sony business units since, including Director of Content for Playstation Network, Vice President, Technology and Operations for Sony Pictures, and Vice President, Advanced Platforms for Sony Pictures where he effectively worked as an "entrepreneur in residence” developing and evangelizing new production and post-production technology solutions. Jason is also a songwriter/music producer whose songs have been featured in numerous television series (e.g., Ugly Betty, Monk, ER, etc.).