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    The Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society

    List of Past Recipients

    Guidelines for Submitting Nominations

    To aid in submitting a successful application for the award, here are some guidelines to ensure a fair and consistent consideration by the committee.

    • It is very important that the nominee is unaware that s/he is being nominated.
    • Be sure to complete the biography section with as much detail as possible, the work history should be listed in reverse-chronological order with current (or most recent) at the top. Resume style is fine.
    • A detailed description of Section-related contributions needs to be included including approximate dates of the work.
    • The nominee must be a SMPTE member for consideration of the award. Also helpful is how long the candidate has been a member, you can get this by contacting Sally Ann at headquarters.
    • List any Section management positions held and with dates.

    Tips for ‘successful’ applications:

    • We look for strong commitment and support to the Section over time, rather than a single event (such as a single conference chair, etc.). Serving various Section management roles is not a strong reason for nomination.
    • In completing the application you are trying to ‘sell’ the candidate for the award; be their advocate by adding comments from Section managers as well as other members, “Tell the candidate’s story” to leave the committee with reasons why the award is deserved.
    • Describe how the candidate’s work has made the Section better.
    • More detail is better than less.
    • Show metrics if possible (“Mr. Smith’s recruitment efforts brought in fifteen additional members to the Section…”, Due to Mr. Smith’s sponsorship solicitations we do not need to pay room rentals for our meetings, Mr. Smith has consistently recruited speakers for our meetings over the past two years, etc.).

    Click Here for More Guidelines and Examples.

    Download the Citation for Outstanding Service to the Society Nomination Form



    This Citation is intended to recognize individuals for dedicated service for the betterment of the Society over a sustained period of time. Consideration will be given for service at the Society-wide, Regional, and Section levels.

    This Citation is not intended to recognize technological achievement, service in Society Offices, or services which may be more appropriately recognized by other medals or awards.

    Up to five individuals may be selected annually but discretion is strongly advised.


    Citation for Outstanding Service Award Committee:

    The selection committee consists of

    • Membership Vice-President as Chair
    • Standards Directors
    • Education Directors
    • Membership Directors

    Balloting Procedures

    Nominations for this Citation shall be solicited from each Section, as well as from the Executive Committee. Additional nominations may be made by any member of the Society.  

    Up to five individuals may be selected annually but discretion is strongly advised. If more than five individuals are nominated in a single year, the preferential balloting procedures set forth in the Governance Operations Manual, Section 18.1.1, shall be used, except that only the five top scoring candidates shall be considered in the final balloting. These five candidates (or fewer, if less than five are nominated and preferential balloting is not needed) shall be listed on a final ballot.  The Committee shall have at least one face-to-face meeting or telephone conference call to discuss qualifications of all candidates for this citation prior to final balloting.

    Members of the Committee, including the Chair, shall indicate acceptance or rejection of each nominee and return the final ballot to Home Office for tabulation within two weeks. Each nominee receiving a majority of votes shall be recommended to the Board for approval as recipients of the Citation.