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Meeting Policy Announcement

SMPTE Engineering Administrative Guideline
AG-12 Meeting Policy Announcement

Revised 2021-03-09


This Standards Administrative Guideline forms an adjunct to the use and interpretation of the SMPTE Standards Operations Manual. In the event of a conflict, the Operations Manual shall prevail.


1. Purpose

The statement in Section 2 below is to be read by all Chairs of all Technology Committees and all of their subgroups (Task Forces, Working Groups, Study Groups, Ad Hoc Groups, etc.) at the start of each and every meeting, whether a face-to-face meeting or a conference call. The URL need not be read aloud, but
is provided for the convenience of display or for printed materials at the discretion of the Chair. The purpose of this policy announcement is to remind members and guests of some of their key obligations provided in the SMPTE Standards Operations Manual. It is not intended to relieve members of their obligation to read, understand, and acknowledge the full Standards Operations Manual.

It is the responsibility of the chair to determine and track the identity of any attendee not automatically identified by the meeting software.


2. Policy Statement

This meeting is being conducted in accordance with the SMPTE Policies and Governance Documents, which can be found on the SMPTE website (https://www.smpte.org/about/policies-and-governance). Your participation, whether as a member or guest, is governed by these provisions. Your continued attendance at this meeting indicates that you understand and are complying with these documents.

Your attention is particularly directed to both the Code of Conduct in the Membership Operations Manual and to the intellectual property section in the Standards Operations Manual. The latter requires attendees to inform the Technology Committee chair of personal knowledge of any claims under any issued patent or any patent application that likely would be infringed by an implementation of any document under consideration by this Committee.

Furthermore, attendees must keep the meeting proceedings confidential, must not record the proceedings, and must not communicate the meeting proceedings or any of its documented contents to external parties, including the press, without the approval of the Standards Vice President.


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