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NAB Show 2023
Section Meeting

Section Meeting: In-Stadium Production Workflow and COVID 19

How has the Stadium production workflow drastically change in 2020. With the pandemic of COVID 19 Broadcasters, Networks, News and in Stadium Entertainment found new ways to produce content or entertainment. All of us had to be creative in new workflows with remote monitoring, control and changes to the production. In past years, our hurdles were to get the production of content produced, while delivering new ways to save costs and get better quality content. These older targets shaped new products, created formats, changed how our content was stored, or how our content was delivered. In the past these transitions took some time to test, improve, or debate. An the debates seemed to go on forever,,,, but in COVID times this was not the case! With COVID 19 Pandemic this changed and there was no time to saved costs, no time to debate format wars, or which compression technology produced the best quality of content. Our meeting for December 15th we have Carl Mandell, Director, Broadcasting & Video Production of Philadelphia Union and Martin Otremsky, Director of Video Engineering, Philadelphia Phillies.