Section Meetings

June 18, 2015 Meeting


Kenneth Hunold, Staff Engineer, Audio Production, Dolby Laboratories Inc.

East Coast office, NYC


Presentation topics will include the rich history of achievements of the founder Ray Dolby and Dolby Labs over the past 50 years, leading to a multitude of innovations in the fields of both consumer and broadcast audio, video, and the commercial motion picture studio and cinema industries! Ken will also be going over some of the broadcast standards committee work Dolby has contributed to recently, which could lead eventually to a new ATSC 3.0 standard for both video, audio, and terrestrial RF broadcasts, by the year 2017! His topics will also include the new multi-channel surround audio process called Dolby Atmos, which delivers a greater "immersive audio experience" to audiences, and the firm's new video format called Dolby Vision, which provides a much wider broadcast video "pipeline" system needed to adequately display pictures on the Quantum Dot 4K TV display panels of the future! Their format promises to deliver much wider luminous and color gamut video signals, resulting in richer looking color fidelity and brightness. This is a meeting not to miss, and will be our final one for the 2014-2015 season!

Hope to see you all there, and please bring a guest!



770 Twin Rivers Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43215

Everyone should assemble at Studio B. The refreshment period will begin at 7 PM, and the meeting will follow at 7:30 PM