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SMPTE + brings you access to the hottest media technology content and to the technologists who make it happen through a hybrid of interactive events and on-demand content.

The interactive aspect of SMPTE + makes it unique. For each SMPTE + event, you’ll be able to meet with other SMPTE + subscribers to discuss the content, hear live presentations, engage in Q&A with speakers and panelists, and socialize with people who share your interests. Best part – SMPTE+ is FREE to SMPTE members.


Title: Expanding the Color Universe: The Next Frontier in Imaging

Date: June 3rd

Description: There is nothing more amazing than the view from space. Astronauts returning from missions lament that images captured fail to show the dramatic beauty and grandeur of what they actually could see from space. Unfortunately, there has not been a way to display those views—until now. Baylor University and 6P Color, Inc. are collaborating to capture, process and display better color images, including those from space, using novel multi-primary technologies. In conjunction with NASA and SMPTE, we will explore the next frontier in imaging.

Historically, motion imagery has improved over time—from analog TV transmission to digital transmission and from standard definition to Hi-Definition to Ultra Hi Definition (4k and 8k). Color representation has expanded from Rec 709 to P3 to ITU Rec 2020. However, state of the art display technologies are still bounded by a triangular region defined by red, green and blue primaries (RGB systems). While three colors are the minimum to define a color gamut, the shape of these color gamuts limit the possible colors that can be seen, reproduced, and displayed.

In this program, we will discuss the impact of adding additional primaries on the color gamut: reduction in metamerism and the ability to provide expanded colors outside the current color gamuts. We can display what has never been seen on earth before now: the colors in between the colors.

During the SMPTE+ event you will hear from technologists, creatives and NASA experts on the importance of color and research in the area of multi-primary color and expansion of the color gamut beyond RGB.

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Title: Media in the Cloud: Technologies and Implementation 

Date: August 17th  

Description: Feature film production, broadcasters, and other content creators have eyed the cloud with plans to utilize it in their current and future workflows. 2020 was a catalyst for accelerated implementation of cloud technologies. Private, public, and hybrid clouds are here with greater numbers of organizations relying on them every day. Join us to learn about current cloud infrastructures, challenges and potential resolutions, lessons learned, and best practices in this SMPTE+ event. 

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TitleImplementation of IP Infrastructures: Everything Over IP 

Date: October 5th 

Description: Every facet of media and entertainment appears to be migrating to digital. There are numerous methods for transporting digital media, but at some point, along the way, much of it will be carried using IP (Internet Protocol). IP is at the core of media in the cloud, remote productions, and even professional content creation facilities. Learn about real-world IP infrastructure implementations and the impact of IP in transforming the nature of the media business from one based on rigid hardware frameworks to one based on the highly flexible, future-facing reality of IP-based infrastructures.

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Title: Workflow and media creation in post COVID time. 

Date: December 14th 

Description: The way work is accomplished in media creation has changed significantly over the past year. This is especially true in the media and entertainment industries. Workflows in media creation have been dramatically impacted by distributed production, software-defined networks, media in the cloud, work from home, social isolation, and other factors. Some believe we are experiencing workflows in the new normal. Others believe that workflows will revert to pre-2020 workflows, at least in part. This SMPTE+ virtual event will provide insight into what’s next and where we are in media and entertainment.

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