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    SMPTE Advisory Note for ST 377-1:2019

    (Material Exchange Format (MXF — File Format Specification)

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    SMPTE's MXF format, SMPTE ST 377-1, is scheduled for its 5 year review. According to SMPTE's due process, this review should result in a revision of the document because it currently has 2 amendments and a 3rd is not permitted.

    During the rollup of the Amendments into the main document, a number of inconsistencies within the Amendments were noticed that made the instruction wihin the amendments either ambiguous or incorrect. These were mainly in the area of references to the legacy document SMPTE RP 210. This document has been replaced with the online registers that can be freely obtained at

    In view of these issues, the revision of ST 377-1 will result in a single document that combines the two existing amendments and that will consistently reference SMPTE ST210. This document will be the baseline for a fuller structural revision of SMPTE ST 377-1 that will remove all references to SMPTE RP 210 and will be updated to have accurate references to the SMPTE registers.

    During this work, issues found in SMPTE ST 377-1 will be posted on the SMPTE Github issue tracker:

    SMPTE standards participants can request access to the issue tracker so that they can post comments.