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    The SMPTE Standards Workspace

    The SMPTE Standards Workspace is provided by Kavi Corporation (and you will hear the Workspace referred to as "Kavi").  Once you have been registered for Standards Participation you will be able to log in to the Workspace.  (SMPTE has a Single-Sign-On system, so if you are already logged in on the main site you will not be required to log in to the Workspace (unless your login has expired).

    The Workspace provides a hierarchical structure of Groups, each providing a document repository, email list, calendar, balloting, etc.

    At the top of the SMPTE engineering committees structure is the "Standards Community".  If you have just registered for standards participation, your first task is to join the Standards Community.  Select "Join Group" and carefully read the Participation Agreement.  If you agree to these terms, complete the click-through process.  You are now a member of the Standards Community, and may join additional committees (groups) without further formality.

    However, you need to understand that the structure is hierarchical.  To join a sub-group, you must be a member of its parent.  So, please start by reviewing the list of the top-level Technology Committees, and join the one(s) that interest you.  You can review the list, and see a synopsis of each committee's work area at Technology Committees.


    A Standard is a document that states basic specifications, dimensions, or criteria that are necessary for effective interchange and/or interconnection within the system described.

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    Registered Disclosure Documents

    Registered Disclosure Documents (RDDs) are not Engineering Documents and do not represent findings, representations, or recommendations by the Society.

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    Public Committee Drafts

    Public CDs are open documents that are distributed for review and comment by the professional community for a limited time.

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    Engineering Reports

    Download the latest Engineering Reports from our Technology Committees

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    Recommended Practices

    A Recommended Practice is a document that states basic specifications, dimensions, or criteria that are not necessary for effective interchange and/or interconnection but that facilitate implementation of systems.

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    Engineering Guidelines

    An Engineering Guideline is an informative document, often tutorial in nature, which incorporates engineering Consensus on specifications, dimensions, and/or Version practices.

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    Overview Documents

    These Overview Documents are available at no charge.

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    Advisory Notes

    An Advisory Note is a brief informative document developed by consensus of a Technology Committee detailing an issue before the Technology Committee.

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