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Participation Agreement for Standards Committees

All those who would like to participate in the standards process are asked to acknowledge the Participation Agreement and to pay an annual participation fee, which helps support the good work of the committees for the advancement of the industry.

Agreement for Participation in SMPTE Standards Committees

Members wishing to participate in or monitor standards development activities must first join the Standards Community.  This joining process will require acceptance of the following Agreement.

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers
(hereinafter “SMPTE” or “the Society”)


Application for membership of the SMPTE Standards Community

By submitting this application I understand:

  • That on approval of my application I will be permitted to join any number of SMPTE Technology Committees;
  • That my initial status on each Technology Committee will be that of Observer Member, but that after attending one meeting I may apply for Participant Member status on that Technology Committee.
  • Participant Membership in any Technology Committee requires regular attendance at meetings and regular participation in formal ballots of the committee
  • That membership of the SMPTE Standards Community requires a single working email address for all committee communications, and access to the Internet for obtaining documents, participation in committee ballots, etc.

I acknowledge and agree:

  • That I will adhere to all rules applicable to SMPTE Engineering Committees as specified in the Standards Operations Manual and the Intellectual Property Policy included therein and, following notification of any change, such rules and policies as the Board of Directors and/or the SMPTE Standards Committee may from time to time adopt.
  • That ongoing participation in Committee activities constitutes an agreement to be bound by any amendment(s) in rules and/or policies that are made from time to time. Such amendments and changes in policies will be communicated to me by email to the address I provide for committee communications at least 30 days before the effective date of the change
  • That I may be participating in issues relating to the ongoing appraisal of technologies, and in decisions that are interim by nature and may undergo substantial revisions. I recognize that SMPTE encourages me to discuss such issues privately with others considered to be knowledgeable in the field. However, since premature public disclosure may be a disservice to the industry I agree to refrain from either directly or indirectly making any public disclosure of the business transacted by the committee without the express consent of the Committee Chair and the Engineering Vice-President.
  • That recording of meetings (except by the Secretary as permitted by the Administrative Practices) is prohibited, and if, when available, I choose to attend meetings by electronic means this same prohibition applies

Standards Participation Fees

Payment of one Participation Fee or Standards Supplement covers Participating and Observer memberships of any number of due process committee(s).

Non-members: $775/year
SMPTE members: $500/year