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TC Meeting Guest Participation Agreement

Effective Date: 31 January 2015

By submitting this application I understand:

  • That, subject to my agreement to the provisions of this Agreement, I will be permitted to attend meetings of the above-mention committee;
  • That this Agreement does not entitle me to participate in other groups, or provide access to documents, email lists, etc. of the committee;
  • That full participation is available to SMPTE members, and to non-members, who pay the corresponding annual participation fee;


I acknowledge and agree:

  • To be governed by Bylaws of the Society
  • That I will adhere to the provisions of the SMPTE Operations Manuals applicable to Engineering Committees , specifically the Standards Operations Manual and the Intellectual Property Policy included therein.
  • That all references to governance and policy documents refer to the version current at the time of my participation as a guest
  • That I may be participating in issues relating to the ongoing appraisal of technologies, and in decisions that are interim by nature and may undergo substantial revisions. I recognize that SMPTE encourages me to discuss such issues privately with others considered to be knowledgeable in the field. However, since premature public disclosure may be a disservice to the industry I agree to refrain from either directly or indirectly making any public disclosure of the business transacted by the Committee without the express consent of the Committee Chair and the Standards Vice-President.
  • That recording of meetings (except by the Secretary as permitted by the Standards Operations Manual) is prohibited and if, when available, I choose to attend meetings by electronic means, this same prohibition applies.
  • That these obligations continue indefinitely, and do not terminate when I cease to participate as a guest.

I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions, including without limitation those included in the Operations Manual and Intellectual Property Policy.