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New Course - Essentials of Video and Audio Compression

Instructor-Led Course

Instructors: Ian Trow

October 31, 2022 - Register here 

Independent Study

June 6, 2022 - Register here


Member Price: $399.99

Non-Member Price: $599.00

Course Overview

  • Define technologies, techniques, and standards key to Video Compression
  • List common compression standards and describe application area
  • Analyze the hosting needs of compression solutions
  • Evaluate compression performance from an objective and subjective perspective
  • Identify common compression workflow types
  • Create appropriate compression configurations for specific use cases
  • Understand infrastructure, network, and cloud deployment constraints
  • Evaluate encapsulation and streaming requirements associated with media publishing
  • List associated functionality necessary to host compression workflows
  • Understand compression solution offerings and evaluate vendor compression performance
  • Identify common compression artifacts and recommend appropriate remedies
  • Understand current industry best practices and critique commercial proposals

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Video Compression, Technology, Standards and Workflows

Video Compression is a vital part of media infrastructure that is constantly evolving to include the latest technology and techniques. Both standards based and proprietary video compressions solutions are a crucial to complete workflows from acquisition through to content distribution. The SMPTE Video compression course aims to provide a comprehensive background into the technology, standards, and typical workflows. Additionally, the course will address the complex hosting issues, performance and user cases associated with implementing compression solutions. Upon completion of the course attendees will be able to identify the key compression standards and proprietary solutions, areas of application and typical media workflows. Each major compression standard will be examined to provide a comprehensive understanding of the technology underpinnings, development evolution and area of application. Compression will be considered from a cloud hosting perspective to allow attendees to evaluate the hosting needs of compression-based workflows.

Target Audiences:

  • Project Managers deploying Compression based solutions
  • Solution Architects responsible for Media infrastructure
  • Managers and Technologists evaluating the Video Compression Solutions
  • Software Engineers developing Compression Applications
  • Professionals responsible for commissioning, running and maintaining compression infrastructure and services.