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Honorary Membership and the Honor Roll

Honorary Membership is the Society’s highest accolade. It recognizes individuals who have performed distinguished service in the advancement of engineering in motion pictures, television, or in the allied arts and sciences. Honorary Members who have passed away are named to the SMPTE Honor Roll, which also posthumously recognizes individuals who were not awarded Honorary Membership during their lifetimes but whose contributions would have been sufficient to warrant such an honor.


2023 Inductee - Philipp Lawo

In recognition of his pioneering audio and media networking technology, which have significantly advanced broadcast facilities and live production including the world’s largest live sporting events. Lawo and his team introduced ATM and MADI networked audio systems. He recognized the potential of IP technology for audio, video, and control and worked tirelessly to expand his company and its portfolio into the IP media infrastructure provider it is today. Believing in interoperability and open technologies, Lawo developed RAVENNA, which became AES67 and ST 2110-30/-31. His company’s role in founding AIMS and early light tower IP projects helped globalize the acceptance of SMPTE ST 2110 standards.   

SMPTE Honorary Members

Ang Lee (2022)

Charles H. Jablonski (2022)

Christopher J. Cookson (2021)

Peter Jackson (2021)

David Sarnoff (2021)

John L.E. Baldwin (2000)

Stanley N. Baron (2010)

James Cameron (2016)

Leonardo Chiariglione (2014)

Ian Childs (2010)

Richard Edlund (2020)

Reed Hastings (2020)

Paul Kellar (2019)

George Lucas (2014)

Masahiko Morizono (1994)

John D. Ross (2020)

Michael J. Sherlock (1997)

William H. Smith (1998)

Roderick Snell (2019)

Charles A. Steinberg (2018)

Laurence J. Thorpe (2015)

Roland J. Zavada (1995)

The Honor Roll

Victor H. Allen (1975)

Charles E. Anderson (2012)

Thomas Armat (1935)

John Logie Baird (2014)

Joseph Arthur Ball (1953)

Julius Barnathan (1997)

K. Blair Benson (1991)

Walter Bruch (1989)

Marvin C. Camras (1990)

John C. Capstaff (1955)

Theodore W. Case (1946)

George W. Colburn (1987)

Jeofry Stuart Courtney-Pratt (1974)

John I. Crabtree (1965)

Edward B. Craft (1946)

Andre Debrie (1955)

LeRoy E. DeMarsh (1999)

Herman A. DeVry (1941)

W. K. L. Dickson (1933)    

Walt Disney (1955)

Ray M. Dolby (1992)

Linwood G. Dunn (1984)

George Eastman (1928)

Harold E. Edgerton (1968)

Thomas Alva Edison (1928)

Elmer W. Engstron (1966)

Alexander Ernemann (1956)

Ralph M. Evans (1973)

Philo Taylor Farnsworth (1996)

Joseph A. Flaherty (1993)

Harvey Fletcher (1959)

Charles R. Fordyce (1984)

Lee de Forest (1940)

John G. Frayne (1967)

William Friese-Greene (1931)

Leon Gaumont (1946)

Charles P. Ginsberg (1976)

Peter C. Goldmark (1977)

Alfred N. Goldsmith (1961)

Oscar B. Hanson (2015)

Wesley T. Hanson, Jr. (1979)    

Albert S. Howell (1941) 

Frederick Eugene Ives (1928)

C. Francis Jenkins (1926)

Herbert T. Kalmus (1958)

Edward W. Kellogg (1950)

Stefan Kudelski (1988)

Eugene Augustin Lauste (1931)

Louis A. A. Le Prince (1931)

Jean Acme LeRoy (1931)

Nathan Levinson (1953)

Louis Lumiere (1928)

Kenneth M. Mason (1981)

John A. Maurer (1978)

Renville “Ren” H. McMann Jr.​ (2017)

C.E. Kenneth Mees (1957)

Pierre Mertz (1971)

Oskar Messter (1960)

George A. Mitchell (1971)

Albert Narath (1969)

Robert W. Paul (1937)

Edwin S. Porter (1941)

Kerns H. Powers (1995)

Frederick M. Remley Jr. (1991)

Frank H. Richardson (1944)

Robert Richter (1972)

Rodger J. Ross (1989)

Loren L. Ryder (1980)

Max Skladanowsky (1970)

Robert M. Smith (1996)

Sidney P. Solow (1981)

Earl I. Sponable (1957)

Kenjiro Takayanagi (1988)

Lloyd Thompson (1962)

Alexander F. Victor (1964)

Samuel L. Warner (1946)

William T. Wintringham (1977)

Irwin Young (2015)

Vladimir K. Zworykin (1950)