SMPTE Camera Origination and Imaging Medal Award Recipients

Bryce E. Bayer

The 2012 Camera Origination and Imaging Medal is awarded to Bryce Bayer, inventor of the color filter array that bears his name (the Bayer Filter), a core technology incorporated into nearly every digital camera and camera phone on the market today (U.S. Patent No. 3,971,065).  The advent of progressive capture and file based workflows has allowed the Bayer Filter to thrive in current digital cameras for motion pictures and television.

Bryce Bayer was born and grew up in Portland, Maine. After earning a B.S. in Engineering Physics from the University of Maine, Orono, Maine, he joined Eastman Kodak's Research Laboratories in Rochester, New York, where he was employed for the next 35 years. Early in his career he earned an M.S. in Industrial Statistics from the University of Rochester, Rochester, New York.

His work at Kodak included digital color imaging. He is best known for the Bayer Color Filter Array, which was patented in 1976. He also developed algorithms for storing, improving and printing digital images. He became a Senior Research Associate and a member of Kodak's Scientific Committee. He retired from Eastman Kodak Company in 1986 and moved to Brunswick, Maine the following year.

In 2009 he was awarded the Progress Medal with Honorary Fellowship by Great Britain's Royal Photographic Society. This medal is awarded in recognition of any invention, research, publication or other contribution which has resulted in an important advance in the scientific or technological development of photography or imaging in the widest sense.