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Rapid Industry Solutions

We’ve developed a new way of thinking about SMPTE.



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What is RIS?

Introducing RIS: Accelerating Technology Solutions in Media and Entertainment.

In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, the need for timely solutions is paramount. The Rapid Industry Solution (RIS) initiative by SMPTE is designed to expedite the development of best practices and recommendations within 6-8 months, rather than the traditional 2-5 years required to create a standard.

SMPTE has long been a pillar in the Media and Entertainment industry, providing tools, standards, and education on emerging technologies. Recognizing the urgency of today's technological challenges, we have launched RIS to operate with greater agility in responding to industry needs.

The Best Minds in the Industry

Solving the complex challenges posed by the convergence of technologies demands the expertise of the industry's best minds. To achieve this, we are assembling an Advisory Group comprising emerging technology companies, traditional production users, manufacturers, educational institutions, and professional organizations. Together, they will collaborate to deliver rapid solutions that address the industry's most pressing issues.

Join us in shaping the future of media and entertainment technology with RIS.

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On-Set Virtual Production (OSVP)

Several key challenges facing our industry include the need for enhanced professional and business education, improved interoperability and connectivity, and a shortage of accessible resources. To tackle these issues, we are developing comprehensive training programs covering general education, professional development, and business planning and scheduling. Throughout this process, we are committed to operating with a dedicated project manager and a flexible technology review model to ensure a swift response.

Learn More (OSVP Page)

Delivering Open and Free Solutions to the Industry

All technical work resulting from the OSVP initiative, including interoperability specifications, workflows, and best practices, will be made openly available to the industry. Additionally, select educational courses and webcasts will be offered free of charge. These resources are intended to benefit a wide range of experts, including creative, technical, and business professionals, the global educational community, and organizations focused on hardware, software, and various services.

Pioneering Agile Initiatives

OSVP represents one of the fastest-growing technologies in Media and Entertainment. Recognizing the urgency of this evolution, SMPTE is committed to delivering tangible results to the industry within a year. This initiative serves as a model for our new agile approach, which aims to rapidly address other emerging technologies in Media and Entertainment while ensuring rigorous testing and validation of our RIS framework.

Join us the on-set Virtual Production Advisory Group today!


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Open Service Alliance (OSA)

RIS-OSA is the newest program of SMPTE RIS. The focus of OSA is creating solutions around microservices for media ,as microservice architectures have proliferated in cloud-based infrastructures. While microservices themselves are very simple, the complexity then shifts to interoperability.

OSA tackles projects that impact a wide range of users, but can be solved in weeks and months…not years. OSA typically works on 2-3 major initiatives per year and have a great track record of generating solutions in short periods of time.

Learn More (OSA Page)