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Section Meeting

Sacramento May Section Meeting

Sacramento May Section Meeting

Date: Wednesday May 12, 2021

Time: 6:30 pm

Topic: Let’s Talk High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut

Speaker: Norman Hurst – Sr. Principal Research Engineer, SRI International


In this month’s meeting, we will take a deep dive into the world of HDR and WCG.

Topics include:

*    What is dynamic range?

    • HDR Photography vs HDR Video
    • What kinds of images benefit from HDR?
  • What is color gamut?
    • What kinds of images benefit from WCG?
  • What is video? (How does a camera make video?)
    • Why is there Gamma?
  • Optimizing the Gamma curve
    • Optimal: PQ
    • Compatible: HLG
  • Making an HDR Test Pattern
    • Convert color space, or redesign?
    • Revealing the pitfalls of HDR/WCG
  • The OOTF and why you should care

About the speaker: Norm Hurst is a Senior Principal Research Engineer with SRI International. He has been staring closely at TV pictures for over three decades.  The projects he has worked on include D-Cinema watermarking, CCD camera simulations, Sarnoff MPEG Compliance Bitstreams, and the DirecTv and Grand Alliance prototype MPEG encoder/decoders.  Lately he has been developing HDR/WCG test patterns to guide us through the jungle of formats that digital video has brought us.

He is a SMPTE fellow and holds over 35 patents. He also received the SMPTE Digital Processing Medal Award and The Camera Origination and Imaging Medal Award.