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Section Meeting

SMPTE Pittsburgh Section February Meeting

SMPTE Pittsburgh Section February Meeting

Topic: 30-Year Hollywood Steadicam/Camera Operator and his Stories: John “Buzz” Moyer

Date: 16 February, 2022

Time: 12 p.m. EST 



This online presentation is titled “The 30 Year Career of a Hollywood Steadicam/Camera Operator and the Things Learned Along the Way,” presented by John “Buzz” Moyer. Buzz has been involved with the camera work on over 70 feature films, including the newest adaptation of the musical “West Side Story”. Please consider attending for this interesting story, and take advantage of the opportunity to ask Buzz any questions you might have.

More guest information here

View West Side Story Cinematography (with Mitch Dubin and John Buzz Moyer) GCS293

Please also feel free to invite anyone you may know who is interested in a future in feature film production.